Some parents don’t deserve kids

I’ve sworn I’ll never raise my kids in Singapore before. Why? Because I don’t want them speaking Singlish, and I don’t want them mixing with people with the Island Mentality. Day by day, I grow more convinced of my own conviction.

Today’s MRT ride was a little bit disconcerting. That is a HUGE euphemism. Believe me.

In the first part of the journey it was fine. Couple of eye candies around, no persons with body odour, cheap cologne or cigarette stench wedging me in between.. I was free from distracting disturbance to start my wonderlust.. Was reflecting on the field trip to Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel today – They have really nice cosy suites and their conference centres look pretty standard.. Just noted that the back of the house office was filled with young Singaporean chinese women. One step into the office and I knew it’s hell of a bitchy workplace. It’s the vibe I got. The way women look at each other is like cats eyeing each other before a cat fight, sometimes. One look and you can tell if they come in peace or war.

At least the assistance HR manager carried herself well during the field trip and I could sense professionalism and humility in her. But in terms of the hospitality spirit, I still think the lady from Holiday Inn left a more rosy impression in my mind. Anyways. That’s not the point today.

Back to the MRT ride, in the 2nd half of my journey. Mother, father and son. 3 of them spewing standard broken English-slash-Chinese Singapore style. Woke me up from my sleep. Mother stood while son sat on my left. After a while I heard the son trying to blow his nose, but he wasn’t blowing his nose full on, so I thought he was just goofing around. And then he looked at his palm. . . . .

HORROR of HORRORS!~ I saw a massive God-forsaken pile of goop on his palms. And he was trying to wipe it off on the rest of his hands!!! The worse thing was that he signalled to his mom about the mess he’s made and his mom doesn’t even respond!!!!!

Out of total disgust for the mom’s indifference to the son’s dilemma and the son’s bad hygiene, I donated my half-empty pack of tissue to the son. When they got off a few stops before mine the mom even turned to look at me with this why-on-earth-did-you-pass-my-son-tissue look on her face. Urgh. Weirdos.

Observing the absurd behaviors of parents here make me wanta raise a superkid so they have a benchmark to match themselves upon. But of course I’m talking shite cuz I don’t think I got the patience to raise kids.


2 thoughts on “Some parents don’t deserve kids

  1.’s the opposite for me, i think i wanna raise my kids in Singapore instead of here! u just happen to bump into irresponsible parents, not every parents are like that..and it isn’t really the country’s fault for having such parents really…worst things can happen in other places anyway!!

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