I love being a girl.

Wala’s yesterday was standard fun. Standard EIC music (I wish they played more obscure band music though), standard Jack Ho smile *swoon*, standard crowd, standard favourite waitress (who got promoted to work at the till), standard drinks, and I got a bunch of Indian friends who were with me. That’s kewl.

I love being a girl because guys don’t believe me when I say I can take care of myself. Didnt happen with the ex, didnt happen with guy friends I know. People always worry about me. About whether I get enough to drink (that’s the part when guys say “It’s unfair, girls get free shit all the time” but that’ because guys are stupid enough to think that by buying me a drink they can get my number), about whether I’m having a good time (more free drinks), about whether I can get home by myself so can I give them my number so they can check up on me to know I’m safe (doesn’t happen that way, I don’t give out my number to random ppl).. lol. And it keeps happening.

Last night ended gloriously when I gave Jack that jug of Hoegaarden which nobody could finish…. Jack’s smile just for me! lol.

Anyway, here’s Craig Ferguson talking abt the movie 300.. enjoy!


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