I’m disgusted. And feeling terribly sad. And fraught.

Some unknown person in my neighbourhood in Johor Bahru threw glue on one of my family’s cats last night, just before I returned to Singapore. We couldn’t find Oupi (direct translation from Teochew, Black Nose) because he went into hiding after it happened… Oupi and Charlie (the other cat) are actually strays which my family keeps as pets… They usually roam around the neighbourhood when they don’t need food or their basket to sleep in… and when they do, they come back to mine because they know my family loves them. 🙂

I hope Oupi’s ok now… And that the person whoever that psycho is, gets stricken by lightning… Grrr. How can anyone not love cats, especially they don’t do shite to harm you at all????

Love… I don’t want to talk about it but I keep missing the feeling of having someone to lean on everyday. If I don’t have my cats to cuddle up with, I miss my Mom who never says no to me needing a hug… And then now that I’m single and pretty much living on my own I miss having a guy around. Just so I can lean on him.. lol. I’m beginning to be like a cat. Always need someone to cuddle up with. hehe. Mew!


2 thoughts on “Mew!

  1. Dogs also aren’t known to be friendly to cats, who happen to be the ones who manage to scale the walls or go through the gates to cuddle in the cat baskets. I keep strays.

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