Good Times

Sorry for the temporary absence, there wasn’t anything inspiring and mostly I was trying to watch some Taiwanese drama on… Anyways. Just so everybody knows,
For the span of 36 hours I only had 3/4 of soggy vegetarian quesadilla at The Penny Black & Dubliner, a few pints of beer, a few cocktails and 2 ciders. Came home today to wholesome homecooked chinese food. Heaven.

St Patrick’s Day… It’s the first time I drank in its honour. No green beer in Singapore, just seriously watered-down & overpriced pseudo-beers, people pretending to be Irish (think it happens everywhere… any excuse to get wasted… 😉 ), white people gaily proud of being white, asians basking in the atmosphere, etc.

Fatigue spoiled it for me; that and we were supposedly on a pub crawl but I felt so emotionally detached from everything that was happening… I’m scaring myself, really. Shocking events that happen to other ppl or to me don’t seem to shake me up much, and I generally get this very Zen aura within myself… I just walk away unaffected. It makes me feel like a friggin’ android. I think the moat of indifference has widened. Metaphorically speaking. I’m quoting myself. lol.  

Group of Indian people I had for company told me I’m really good at chatting people up in general. I’d like to point out, I only get better with more drinks. I’m not being arrogant about this, but I find that I am pretty good at persuading people… Maybe I should list that down as my superpower… I convinced my parents to let me go to Canada with my ex when I was with him for barely 2 months, I persuaded my friends moms/dads who’re very strict to let them crash at my place (worked on quite a number of friends on many different occasions), dares to hit on men don’t faze me at all, being totally blunt to strangers is something I do when I get irritated (like those Turks who wanted to haggle over SGD15 St Paddy hats that we had, they saw and liked… Meanie misers make me mad)
I think that should come in useful in my career in the hospitality industry. lol.

Anyway, this makes me respect Craig not only as a comedian but also as a celebrity who doesn’t lose his head over TV ratings. Rock on, Craig!

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