Exciting week~!

I’m joining a bunch of classmates from the hospitality school to KL this weekend… Meanwhile I should study hard so I can look forward to it as my reward, kinda. Apparently we’re gonna hv easy access to FOOD. Dunkin Donuts 5 mins away…and we’re gonna watch 300 on IMAX!! lol. Mmmm. I hope I don’t binge myself to obesity over the weekend. :p

Anyway. Spent 4 days before this in JB… and ended up eating a lot of pudding-sweet mangoes and almost-like-the-real-thing durian ice cream, and catching Martha Stewart’s show in the afternoon; this one on “Brides-to-be”… I don’t know if it’s just me, but the gowns they chose and the flower bouquets for the brides look so… 90’s! I kinda gave up watching after 10mins cuz they showed these women trying to choose their gowns.. I think I’ve seen MUCH better ones in JB and Singapore’s bridal boutiques. 

Maybe it’s just a matter of taste, but God forbid, I won’t be caught wearing those treacherous-looking things AND be on the show… Or maybe it’s just the general idea of getting so over-the-top with the wedding in itself that grossed me out. They gave out a flour-mixer and coffee machine to everyone on the show!! I don’t mind the coffee machine but flour-mixer?? (or whatever else people call it)…. Martha Stewart was all like “with this you can start making your husbands waffles and pancakes and bread for breakfast”… It looked like a friggin Stepford Wives’ TV programme!! LMAO. ok fine, it was for charity and they were trying to promote the brand of the mixer, but I’m sure it’s just all publicity, and it’s WRONG to reinforce the misconception that every wife-to-be plans to make “waffles and bread” and any pastry for her husband-to-be… lol. Com’on, we got Pusateri’s, Whole Foods, Bread Talk, Seasons, Prima Deli, Bakerzin, tralala.. plenty of bakeries and pastry outlets to choose from…. Hail Capitalism, MALE (and hopefully hot) pastry chefs and all down the chain who spare wives from the obligation of BAKING.. Repugnant.
[No offence to female pastry chefs, women who love baking and everyone else who thinks I’m trying to get women to boycott the kitchen oven. NO, it’s just my personal, honest and totally subjective opinion.]

Anyways again. Might I just add something… I just realised that I got this mental imbalance… Previously I said that I’m too calm in times when I’m supposed to be shocked. And it just hit me that I get paranoid for no reason when nothing’s happening… I think that was the reason why I couldn’t survive a long-distance-relationship. It’s not good. Sometimes I start to suspect if there’s something abnormal about me. Normalcy just doesn’t sit well sometimes.

6 thoughts on “Exciting week~!

  1. no you are not saying women shouldn’t bake or cook. I know. haha. Come on, food is for survival and personal satisfaction. Everyone should attend to their own needs with what they can do with food, and not exploit another’s affection to satisfy yours. Unless of course, the other party likes that exploitation. That’s another prob we find hard to resolve. hai.

    Enjoy KL darling! we’ll catch up soon.

  2. O yes I just thought of sth witty to say.

    While you’re busy outsourcing cooking, why don’t you just outsource sex as well!

    Whee! I’m good.

  3. Well then, lucky you to have a gf who bakes. I prefer to whip up health-freak meals. For myself.
    As for outsourcing sex, wat’s so witty about what you said? You’re losing your edge. Look what pastries hv done to you! *horrified*

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