I feel guilty. I didn’t study much today although I did go to the library closer to my home (to cut down travelling time cuz I had tuition today), and I ate fish & chips without asking them to replace the chips with vegetables! *horrors* I ended up polishing half of the fries they placed on my plate!!! I think the guy taking my order was too busy to remember what I said. (“Fish and chips without the chips please.”) And they sprayed mayonnaise on the small side salad which wasn’t even fresh. What’s wrong with people here?? Can’t they just serve boiled broccoli and carrots like everyone else who cares about my flabby belly??


5 thoughts on “Guilty.

  1. LOL! I had lots of mayo with my lunch today as well.

    P.S. I really need to make more constructive comments.

  2. maybe it’s precisely that THEY don’t care about your “flabby belly”… =p and yes, you don’t want the chips not because you don’t like them, but tt you wanna keep temptation at bay… i can identify with THAT alright!

  3. thanks everyone for making me feel not alone in this… muahaha.. the Dunkin Donuts in KL were too much for me… although they were so GOOoood….

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