Of Donuts, Booze & Chili’s

Weekend in KL flew by, and I came back with an even flabbier tummy (partly because it’s that time of the month…excuses, excuses) mostly because I binged on Dunkin Donuts.. Don’t ask me why I did that cuz there are Dunkin outlets in JB too, but it’s just nice to sit there in the morning with gal pals, coffee and 2 donuts to start the day. Plus it was only 5mins walk away from Shane’s place.. lol.

For the entire weekend I didn’t sleep much… Explains the minor crisis on my face….My skin’s suffering!! (note to self: get Skin Food’s T-U mask) We had to do a fair bit of walking also because we didn’t have a car to drive around in… And we didn’t really get to shop much too… But I’m not complaining! I like KL. =)

I like KL because of the people…In most places people speak good English. Not news-anchor-standard-English of course, but decent, grammatically acceptable English. It’s really a far cry from the Singlish I hear on this island everyday… People there are also friendlier and more open than most people in Singapore… Which is really nice cuz you basically can start a conversation with anyone who can speak the same language as you… For me it means Mandarin & English.. KL in a nutshell just has more character. The streets may not be very clean, people do smoke in restaurants, on the streets, everywhere actually, and it may not be very safe to go out at night especially Bangsar area, but heck, every city in which interesting people dwell aren’t anything otherwise and I like that. At least there’s a sense of adventure and you know the chances of meeting a Singaporean is kinda small. Muahahaa.  

I like KL also because there is Chili’s! lol. I had the Chili’s Cheesesteak for dinner at the KLCC outlet after a long tiring day walking around downtown area, and it was goooood. Took close-up shots of the food there… Shall update the pics when I get my camera back… 🙂

4 more months before I graduate from my diploma and degree (hopefully)… I can’t wait to start working to save up money to go do more travelling!!! 😀

Regular dose of Craig Ferguson… Found the clip in which he talks about why he refuses to ridicule Britney in his show. 🙂 It’s a 12mins clip, so might take a while to load. Enjoy! :p

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