Oh the possibilities…

Just take a look at this…. I’m doing research on what’s good in NZ and I found The Polynesian Spa… Bleah… I can’t wait to start my working holiday there!!!! Hehehe

Anyways Bermuda came up as the best Commonwealth country to work in within the hospitality industry when we were discussing employment opportunities in class today. What can I say? It’s a dream location for beach bums. Being a Commonwealth country also means they use British systems for many things, and the official language is English, among other benefits (especially immigration matters)…

Oh and let’s not forget what I found on Sheraton’s Management Training programme. Looks absolutely attractive. London’s included as one of the training locations!! Yipee!! 

I love what I’m getting into.
And I love England more. Screw the Yanks! lol.

4 thoughts on “Oh the possibilities…

  1. I think the saddest thing about my passport is that ppl from my country aren’t so free to go to a working holiday scheme wherever we wish because tonnes of people before me have already gone and fucked up the place enough, I suppose. I don’t know why there’s a restriction based on nationality on ppl goin on a workin holiday scheme.. u knw like the ones on the STA website… I know. I know it’s all economics, politics and security or whatever shit but I’m robbed of these chances. I hate it! Sorry for ranting on…. It sounds like an awesome plan you have lined up. Awesome times in NZ! And more awesome times when you visit Jenn!

  2. Yea I can understand your need to rant.. Don’t worry, this place is ranting haven. I’m looking forward to NZ. Not the sheep, the people. And the herbs. lol. Jenn’s pwetty keen. So it should be quite settled. If you decide to ditch ur books and join me, gimme a ring.
    You’ve been to Bermuda?

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