Just when I think a person’s intelligence is near zero, he manages to amaze me by finding that one millimetre of space to slither underneath.

Never have I seen such pointless rules enforced by such impossibly thick living objects.

Student is 3 mins late, student is forbidden from signing for attendance and attending class for the entire day. No explanations given. When asked why the rule was such, Imbecile just repeats the rule as if we didn’t get the gist of it yet.

No explicit/ specific reinforcement or even announcement of the prohibition of students to join the class after mid-class break if they’re late for school in the morning. Even theatre plays allow late attendees to join the audience at intervals, no?
Imbecile blatantly insists that he did mention it in class (just like the way he blatantly denies slamming down the phone on me previously) although, after double-checking with classmates we all agreed that all he said was we’re considered late and can’t join the class (when the lesson’s started) if we don’t get our ass there by 9:30 in the morning because “people want to start lessons on time”.

I respect that. That’s why I didn’t try to sign the attendance or join the fucking class in the morning cuz I was 10mins late.

Administration office girl tries to back him up by grappling to find the right words to flame me when I raised my voice. And she failed miserably. Try to improve on your oratorical skills or, hell, your English vocabulary before you even TRY to challenge me again.

I don’t believe all rules are meant to be broken; some are worth adhering to. But when extremities like determining punctuality by the minute is enforced, you better make sure whoever came up with that rule in the first place puts it in print somewhere conspicuous and justifies himself with why it’s there at all.

The school is supposed to be a place for learning, not a place for people going through mid-life crisis or inferiority complex to enforce pointless rules to make themselves feel a tad purposeful to be alive.

Is it too much to demand an explanation why a student is prohibited from joining a class when it’s about to continue from break time especially when she’s trying to go in by the back door as she doesn’t want to disrupt the class and just wants to sit in for the remaining half of the lesson?
Is it really that hard to let students understand the rationale behind the school’s policies?

Is it an Imbecile’s fault that he’s born without a fully functioning brain?

I guess not.  Hell, he may not even have one at all.


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