Bloody Hell.

I cannot bear to be silent about the ridiculous stupidity I see everyday in this shit-hole! At my school, at the national f*king library, and in the government and its controversy about the sky-high pay they’re offering up for their ministers (which I don’t even wanta go into, it’s clearly for publicity to show how workers are taken great care of here, especially if you’re willing to sell your soul to the men in white). First things first, I bring my company law subject guide to the library everyday because I need it to know the scope of my reading from the book that I need which happens to be in the reference section of the library. The library’s reference floors have this anal rule on no personal reading materials or highlighters/ correction fluid to be brought into the reference section. The latter I can understand although it’s pretty pointless if you think about it. If you’re afraid that people are going to vandalise library materials with highlighters/ correction fluid what makes them think that they can’t achieve the same agenda with pens/ pencils/ blood? Lol. I mean if you really think about it, there are no stopping things like that unless you want to go the extent of finding a way to test the integrity of library users.. The rule on no studying materials, I can understand. There is only so much room in the library and they want to make sure that no one’s using this as a studying area without actually using library materials. But I fail to understand why they have to check my study guide EVERY SINGLE BLOODY TIME I come to the same section to consult the same book… They have security checks just before the entrance to the library and so far I’ve only faced one guy with common sense who understood why I said that I need my book for cross-referencing and not refer me to the information counter where I hafta explain the whole thing again to the librarians on duty, who change everyday, which explains my frustration on having to do the whole explanation on using the same book which I use every time I come here, WHICH they approve me of using in the first place. I asked them if they could provide like a sticker/ stamp of approval so that permitted materials which they know are used for cross referencing (like my study guide which has the bibliography of everything I need from the reference section, specific down to the chapters and paragraphs I need to refer to) to differentiate a user like me from other people who try to bring in their own textbooks or notes to study without the reference materials. And just like Imbecile from my school, they could not offer me a solution to my dilemma. I know they’re not empowered to make decisions like that to make exceptions or offer alternative solutions to complaints like mine but maybe somebody should’ve referred this problem to their superior by now? I’m not the only one who finds this policy ridiculous, I’m not the only one who’s already ranted at them to come up with a solution, but they are happy to endure with raised voices and frustrated library users everyday. SO it’s really down to common sense (which apparently has been sorely lacking in them) and ridding the bureaucratic red tape of rigid policies and formalities. I’ve already handed in my suggestion in the box, let’s see what they’re going to do about that.

Singaporeans. They really need to grow wiser.


8 thoughts on “Bloody Hell.

  1. Money aint gonna solve the problem you see, cuz the “capable” people they’re hoping to attract can get the same amount of pay but with dignity elsewhere. The only people who’re gonna go for the minister jobs are those who hanker for money and don’t mind sucking balls for a living. Metaphorically.

    I don’t think seeing the manager’s gonna solve the problem cuz it’s overly bureaucratic. I’ll hafta see the guy at the top for it.

  2. woah chill babe~~ generalization of singaporeans hurts me indirectly too lol~ ㅋㅋ though i may be only coming home in a long long time… facing the choice of if i wanta graduate a semester later to work in Seoul or just head back to SG in aug and graduate by this year… GAH~~~ =(

  3. Oh tough choice to make huh… Well if the job u found is great for ur CV, pays well and is temporary, I’d say go for it babe. People take years to graduate, it’s normal. 😛

  4. yea. haha, what a hurtful generalization. 😦 But yea sometimes people can’t see beyond the regulations they are bounded by, or perhaps abiding by these rules give them a sense of worth?

    is that sense of worth legitimate then?

    eh. librarians get it tough sometimes la. maybe should talk to the higher authority (ie: people who makes the rules)

    I think it’s more important that they turn up the temp of the airconditioners though. that’s a bigger problem, esp towards the state of the environment, and of course, global warming.

    haha. sorry i’m preaching on your site. :X

  5. I do apologize for generalising.. I couldn’t help but use a sweeping statement to add emphasis to my frustration. I can’t imagine how anyone can endure living here for the rest of his/her life..
    Everytime I try to get things done here I encounter some idiot lackey who’s installed in an unfortunate post for me to rant at and they always either play the smart-aleck and try to make me feel stupid or repeat the rule that I supposedly try to get around over and over like they’re pre-programmed to do just that.
    Just to apply a management principle here, empowering employees with the authority to help people out of dilemmas will increase overall efficiency and customer satisfaction. That’s assuming ur employees aren’t retards, of course.
    I’ve gotten some feedback from the library and they’re “in the process of issuing passes to regular users”. Oh well. At least they didn’t take forever to get back to my suggestions.

    The library’s always freezing! Especially when it rains. I wish they adjusted the temperature accordingly so it always stays at 25 deg C. lol.

  6. haha I think you’ve been out of sg for too long.. 25 deg C indoors is just nice, which means I don’t need to bring a friggin jumper before I cry for a fireplace to be installed again.. When it gets cold in the library I swear it’s about 15-16 deg C, and people are wearing summer clothing cuz when u step out it’s 33 deg C again. :S
    I hope you’re not gg to melt when u come back here. lol.

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