Hi all, I’m supposed to be studying but my fingers itch for the lappie once again. And now I’m giving in to them because my brain wants to eject some stuff onto this space. And my ego needs feeding, knowing that people actually read this. Muahaha. Yes I am being completely honest, I get an ego trip when the blog stats shoot up everytime.

Living on Earth is getting more depressing. We get violence (college shootings in America), voicelessness (Singaporeans), natural/ human-caused disasters (pollution, flash floods, tsunamis, global warming, George Bush, plastic-surgery-gone-wrong etc), excessive hedonism (the obscene things filthy rich people spend on like cute fur coats in exchange for extinction of animals), almost non-existence of guilt for having no ethics (think betrayal, infidelity, blatant corruption etc), dumb people having privileges they didn’t earn (think Paris Hilton), the list goes on and on.

It’s depressing for me because in my present situation I can’t do much to change anything about them. I can’t shoot Paris Hilton, I can’t tell swingers to turn monogamous, I can’t even convince my Singaporean friends to flee this place when they get the chance because they love the way of life here! HORRORS. It’s all so horrible.

I guess everyone has their own share of whining about the way life is unfair for them and how they hate their lives. I think it’ll all be better if GOD did something about all these problems. And I don’t even mean evangelist Christians marketing the realness of Jesus… Just a little bit of the holy stuff in everybody, even Kim Jun Il, would make such a great difference. And silence them skeptics.

Count your blessings, they say. It’s the only way for me to survive.

A little piece of heaven to calm me down.

15 thoughts on “Depression.

  1. Yeah. That’s one of the main reasons I stopped following the current affairs. Its absolutely pointless. You can’t change a thing and knowledge doesn’t really equate power in this case. Ignorance is almost always bliss, though.

    Anyway. I don’t seem to share the same sentiments as you do about swingers. When all the parties involved know what the whole deal is and still go ahead with it, I don’t see much harm in it. Except of course they need to take care when it comes to all the damn infections around. Oh how I hate infectious microorganisms! Not that I’m a swinger or anything. Just that I do hate harmful microorganisms.

    And well, some people are just born into a rich family and you can’t do much about that either. Yeah, it irritates me to hell to find out where most of the rich idiot’s money goes but an idiot will always be an idiot unless the idiot wants to rid his/herself of their idiocy.

    I guess the point here is that you need to figure out a way to not care about things that you can’t change yet. The key word is yet. Cos I believe with financial independence, we will be able to do something about it all even if it is close to nothing but eh, start small.
    And I know that not caring/thinking about things you have no control over is something that’s easier said than done but guess what, I did it when it comes to the current affairs kinda things and all but I still need to do that when it comes to my own life… Oh, the possibilities for impending disasters in my personal life that keep playng over in my head! And I keep brooding over them even when I know these possibilities are just that and I can’t control how things are going to turn out for the most part. Oh well. What matters now is what you should focus on.

  2. Damn, I need to get time to properly update on my blog instead of writing essays everywhere else… Thought I’ll just get entertained quickly over here during lunchtitme. Blogger and wordpress take ages to upload at work when I try to log in, let alone post an entry!

  3. I disapprove of swingers because they make making love into a mere physical activity, a commodity. Making love is supposed to be spiritual, and it should be done with the person you know you love (or at least know and trust). Swingers disparage the importance of fidelity and spread “nasty microorganisms” and in truth, it’s nothing better than prostitution, only that no money is exchanged and both the male and female are seeking to fufill their sexual urges by looking for instant, noncommittal sex.
    I doubt swingers plan to be fully honest with their spouses about their past (like how many before) because after sleeping with so many people, what’s left inside them is but the mental images of orgasms from so many different people a new one (from their spouses) wouldn’t really make a difference, but they can’t say that out loud, can they? Or they might hafta eventually, when the HIV test comes out positive.

  4. ok. I wrote two essays so far only to realise that I would need to really think it all through and write out concisely and then deleted them. I should simply ask you to elaborate on why it’s wrong to fulfull your sexual urges by looking for instant, noncommital sex. Not that I don’t agree with you or that I do agree with you. I’ve been thinking a lot about it too. Being brought up the way I was I’d have thought it sinful but it’s the time to rationalise out everything I suppose. Not that it’s right or wrong for that matter. Damn.

    And a quick note to say that another of ur problem with them swingers seems to be dishonesty. Anyone can be dishonest and anyone can be dishonest abt the number too. By the way I think swingers are couples that are already married or are in a relationship and are open with each other about their sex ventures and sometimes the couple engage in some types of sexual activities together. So. In that way, they are being honest! And anyway… I guess you are pretty much including anyone that’s ever been involved in a one night stand or two in that group of swingers then?

    I haven’t got the time to elaborate further. I also haven’t got the time to explain this bt I can’t stand the phrase “making love” or referring to sex as the act of making love. It really annoys me. I’ll explain sometime soon! Anyway. Don’t get too bothered with this yet! I have tonnes of work left to do and sooo little time! Damn it. Go and study for ur exams first and we can maybe meet up for some coffee at city hall!!!

  5. Heh I still think of the act of having sex as something special, therefore “making love” (usually f*k would do it but making love sounds more romantic in a sense) maybe everybody else thinks otherwise these days.

    Anyways yea, you’re absolutely right. Concentrate on exams first and then we’ll meet up and catch up!

    Take care. Hope to read ur essays soon too. 😉

  6. oh yeah….i’ve stopped vicariously reading the news for some time because it seems that it’s always something dismal on the headlines. and when i thought that my life is Life, reading about the tragedies of Life conflates everything in a wave, then bubble of despondence.

  7. I know… I have to keep myself updated on Global warming and environmental issues for one of my modules and I’ve grown from concerned to numb by now…
    It’s almost bad news everyday, although they now say the haze is good for reducing the harmful effects of global warming (surprise!) by blocking out sunrays, and increased sea temperatures from global warming actually helped the fish that we get caviar from reproduce faster. lol.
    Keep the hope alive, girl. Maybe they’ll finally find a planet for everybody to migrate to soon. And then in a few thousand years we’ll hafta repeat the cycle of self-destruction and relocation! I just hope everybody will learn our lessons by then…

  8. I’m a vegetarian and I just think that it’s such a sad thing that there are reports on global warming that goes oh wait, it’s all good for more caviar! I think the entire idea of caviar is disgusting and sad too.. Man. I just don’t get it, you know. I can’t begin eating meat regularly for that reason too. I’ve tried stuff out (and it’s like extreme cuisine for me cos really eating dead animals creeps me out as much as eating bugs probably creeps u out, u knw… you’ve seen me too!) but I don’t see what the big deal with meat is! Vegetables and food that isn’t the result of something dying (well, at least not directly cos if you think abt it all, decomposition of dead things makes for good feritliser right? My brain is way too rusty for me not to check it up first but I’m way too lazy to bother) tastes WAAAYY better anyway AND you don’t have to kill anything and eat its flesh. God. I will never get non-vegetarianism. Yeah. It tastes good, but I know things that taste equally good if not better that’s not made from meat.

    Oh and I don’t think we’ll really learn our lessons by then. I hope we do. Actually, we are far too primitive as a civilisation now. Or maybe we just don’t care enough. But maybe when we advance enough (and if we actually survive till then) we might change for the better. I can’t help this. I don’t know. And being the astronomy geek, I’m also sad that we will not be able to relocate in our lifetime. Or even the next. Or the next. But who really knows. I hope they prove me dead wrong about this. I would love to travel out to space and even if it’s nt for relocation, I’d love to just space travel. I’m not even done with earth yet but I’m always up for travelling. How pathetic do I sound?

    Anyway have you read that article about how plants and vegetation on different planets will be of different colours based on the type of star they revolve around? It’s pretty cool to think about it all.

  9. Yes I know food can taste good without any meat inside, think Original Sin! But I guess mankind has, back from the days of barbaric hunting to modern domestication of livestock, gotten used to the idea that animals have no soul and therefore are meant for human beings (the so-called superior species) consumption…
    Personally, I don’t think I can give up meat, because they taste sooo good and if you think about it, there’s a whole industry to think about.
    The butchers & farmers, the nutritionists, the researchers, the cuisines, the number of food cultures that always include meat (Middle eastern kebabs, Chinese suckling pigs, German pork knuckles and sausages, Italian bolognaise, Swedish meatballs) the list goes on and on…
    I admire vegetarians like yourself, therefore, for sticking to non-meat food products everyday.. I can’t emphathize, therefore I can only wonder. How do you resist rice wine chicken? lol.

    Food aside, I’d love to do space travel too. If only!

  10. I swear that I posted a comment here and on the last dash entry but I see neither! Makes me want to smash something.

    Anyway. In short, I just wanted to thank you guys for the compliments!! Hahaha.. I’ve been thinking about you guys write soooo well and makes me feel a bit stupid cos my vocab is terribly limited!! Anyway. I also commented on the last dash entry and that was a longer one and I’ll try to get back to it sometime. Gotta run now!

  11. You’re most welcome babe…it’s not so much about the vocabulary as it is abt the style and content… Big words sound impressive, but easily comprehensible & poignant words cut to the chase. 😉
    Haha ur comments probably took too long to upload… Keep them short n sweet, chickadee. 😉

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