Last dash

It just occured to me how close I am to freedom.. I’m still thinking about my exams, of course, which is going to start in about 2 weeks’ time. Plus I should start thinking about raising money for going to NZ next year..

All these years of academia… It’s been going downhill from O levels. My Dad sometimes reminds me about how I used to score distinctions and get awards. (I was the model student/ scholarly geek/ law-abiding teacher’s pet, until I experienced personal low-points & the ugliness of elitism which the education system here convinced me spelled the doom of my life. Well. F*k the system, I’m going to get outta here as soon as I can because Singapore’s too small for me, and I’m not Singaporean.)

Apparently A level sciences and math weren’t really my cup of tea. So yea, I didn’t get into the university that my parents hoped I’ll get into. I didn’t have the perks of an Ivy League education. But still, in a few months’ time I’m going to have a diploma and a degree from world-recognised institutions. So f*k elitism.

I’ll pull my socks up and end with a flourish.. Nail that bloody degree with decent honours and have a HUGE party to celebrate. I want everybody I know to meet everybody else I know. I have this theory that if my primary school friends know my secondary school, junior college, business school and hospitality school friends, there will be more people coming to my funeral when Life ends for me.

I wanta watch my own funeral.

Have you watched Big Fish? If people you meet only once remember you and celebrate the existence of you with everybody else who meant a lot to you at your funeral and they actually talk about you long after you’re six feet under, man, you must be one helluva human being.

Today I admitted to having a huge ego, to which The Capitalist Infidel agreed without a second thought. I think I should tone down. Or my beau’s going to have a hard time.
Sometimes I think I should take up a menial job in order to be humbled.
Or the ego just comes naturally when you stay in Singapore for too long. I started realising I’m not one of them and I was glad I had that realisation. That’s when I started planning about NOT staying here to work or worse, become a PR/ citizen like many Malaysians. 
Being Singaporean doesn’t sound very glorifying for me. Sorry LKY, your plan didn’t work on me.

So anyways. Yes watch out World, I’m going places.


3 thoughts on “Last dash

  1. at least you know of somewhere better… i am in a love hate relationship in this place. should i stay or sld i go? Too bad I’m a citizen, and if i don’t like it, i change it to suit my taste. but most of the time, i switch to normal mode again after realizing I can’t beat the system. so how.

    so i say, at least you know somewhere better…

  2. Poor you… I feel your pain… But look on the bright side, your government’s making the Singaporean Passport a convenient tool for travelling. You don’t need visas for a lot more countries compared to my Malaysian one.
    So if you’re tired of this futile struggle, flee, Ivy, fleeee….

  3. can i just laugh at those words “flee, Ivy, fleee…” and not comment otherwise? =) easy travelling with a sg passport is a MAJOR perk alright… well, lam, doesn’t matter if you don’t know where to go to…the sheer possibilities liberate…

    damn,i can’t stop talking.

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