Take a breather

Hi all, I’ve been busy with exams; they’re still not over yet, 4 more papers to go, but since the next paper’s in abt 6 days I think I’ll hafta come here and update for a bit before I forget what I wanta write.. So.

Yesterday and today are the most hectic days for the past week, because I’ve had one paper per day (Commercial law yesterday and Hospitality facilities management today)… But being me, I had to unwind after each paper, even if it means I hafta wake up early to revise at the last min for my paper today.. I’ve been naughty, but it was worth it (quote Craig Ferguson on letter to Santa…. hehehe). :p

For the first time ever, I attended a wine appreciation seminar with my beau at Spain2Dream in Vivocity and OMG it was so worth the 10 bucks registration fee… Not only did we get a lecture on the making of Spanish cava (Spanish version of the French Champagne) and wines, we got to sample 2 types of cava, one red wine and one white (all on free-flow), together with tapas, tortillas (which is nothing like the Mexican cousin…it was made from potato, egg and onions like an omelette, and is not spicy at all) and various olives. AND we got a 20 bucks voucher each so he got 2 bottles of sangrias for SGD1.80 ((SGD10.90 – SGD10.00) x2) and I got a block of cheese for free (retails for SGD10) also a bottle of Juve y Camps cava for abt SGD47++… The lady who runs Spain2Dream is, ironically, French(!), much to the amusement of the Spanish gentleman who guided us through the appreciation seminar. All in all, it was worth it. I’m saving my cava for post-exam celebrations. 😉

Today was equally great cuz I got the great news that I passed my hospitality supervision with 85% (when I only expected abt 70%) and I went for a day out with Shuwen shopping and having girly chat (we bumped into a friend of mine in Starbucks!! Can’t avoid familiar faces on a busy saturday in S’pore. This place makes you think everyone’s running in circles with you, just in different directions) etc.

Lunch was at Azabu Sabo, this Hokkaido ice cream place which I raved about before, but service and food quality were obscenely disappointing today… The waitresses looked like something’s up their asses, the green tea they refilled was semi-lukewarm, the service was very impersonal and insincere. And the dessert was substandard!
I ordered the one with sweet potato and azuki beans base, with vanilla soft serve on top, drizzled with green tea. The azuki beans were given sparingly (it used to be a huge dollop of it hidden undernearth the ice cream), the sweet potato wasn’t warmed up enough, the ice cream was already melting and leaning to one side when they served it.

The verdict is out. I’m not going back there again.

But at least I got great deal at Novo… Got a pair of the gold Gisele Bundchen Ipanema shoes for SGD27! It’s for charity *innocent blink*, it’s gorgeous and snakes around my boney feet like golden twines…. I absolutely love it.

Oh I feel like such a shopaholic.. bleah…

On a bitchy note, Imbecile seemed so pissed off today. I got this strange sense of satisfaction to know his weekend’s not starting well for him. Muahaha. And the office airhead couldn’t be smug with me cuz well, I got a friggin 85%, thank you very much. So there. I’m pleased.

Starting tomorrow I shall hafta end my frivolously premature enjoyment and make sure I prepare enough for my next paper…Criminology!!!! I kinda like it, especially the topics on feminist criminology and punishment… Fascinating things you’ll find there if you dig deep.  

Signing off! 😉

4 thoughts on “Take a breather

  1. Come back & binge & shop!! and then you’ll head elsewhere again I’m sure. haha. But do come back before the Circle Line (and other random underground mrt lines) construction sinks Singapore inward like a spoon-dipped soufflé…

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