3 down, 2 more to go!

YES only Company Law & Society and the Environment left and I’ll be done with my degree… hopefully.. 🙂
Cheesey Pasta
Had homemade bacon and cheese pasta with a bottle of riesling for dinner with my beau yesterday… Yummy yum. No, I didn’t cook, someone can cook much better than me. My duty lies in polishing food off my plate. 😉

 I got a “Post-torture to-do list”… plastered on the desktop in my lappie… hehehe. Seriously I need to think about it less, for now. Freedom is distracting! lol. That, and I still wanta finish off my exams not just half-heartedly. I just need to thank my beau here for calming me down in my bouts of paranoia. The stress is weighing me down so much I’m starting to have a mini breakout on my face (horrors!!) and I’m losing weight in the wrong places…. (MORE HORRORS!)… I should have more wholesome food to gain back a bit of weight to fit my clothes better.

Really, the last thing I want is to look anorexic. I see so many pencil-thin sticks trotting around in town with their clothes hanging off their teeny shoulders, with their faces all sunken and looking like they’ve been on cocaine.. It’s so soulless.. Ahh well. A food-addict like will never ever be anorexic. haha. 😀

People I’ll be free after 12 June!! (Although my diploma course won’t be over till end of July, I’ll be MUCH more free to meet up and stuff…) And I’ve got a 2 week holiday in the last 2 weeks of June!! I can’t wait to catch up with everyone who actually wants to catch up with me. (Just that sometimes it’s so pointless to meet a person who’s always too busy to make time for me…. *sobz*)

Oh another thing, party idea pending.. Anyone know of any place good for a low-key, just drink and talk but low budget party? No coffeeshops and fast food places!! lol. Throw me ideas, won’t you.

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