Retrospective Revelations

So my last degree exam paper was yesterday, and what did I do after that? Go out for the entire day and get myself really really tired (no sun, no tanning at the beach like I was hoping for). And then I went out again today. And now I’m dead beat. My exams ended, but I’m not sure if they did in a flourish, just because having an entire month of exams (7 in total) has really worn me out physically and fried my brains out so much, I don’t even feel happy. Maybe it hasn’t really sunken in. Dinner was great today but I didn’t even have the level of consciousness to enjoy it, I was too caught up in satiating my hunger and catching up with friends who I haven’t seen in a looooong time…

And then I’ve got hospitality accounting exam for my diploma this coming saturday, but the only consolation is that I’ve got 2 weeks of break after that. 2 weeks of nothingness except maybe my graduation project which I’m so going to finish up asap since it’s a 5000 word proposal on increasing market segment for a hotel restaurant. Hohoho. The work never ends. :S I hope I can at least take a short vacation, a last minute/ impromptu one, by myself if everyone’s not free to come with me, somewhere.

It has been a crazy 3 years for me. A different relationship in each year’s exam period (trust me it doesn’t help at all cuz they are always falling apart when I need support…but this year it wasn’t like that, so that’s fine.. 🙂 )… The first one was a tad regrettable, and let me learnt a valuable lesson in relationships, that is, never spoil the man, and NEVER EVER date a Singaporean guy EVER.
The second one was heart-wrenchingly fairytale-like, and because of him I had a chance to experience a life I’ll never know in my own capacity…only it didn’t have a happy ending, and the lesson learnt was to always make it clear I’ll never be a submissive girlfriend; this kind of pre-honesty is important since I tend to date egoistic men. And the present relationship? It’s always a good thing when an egoistic guy admits to being an egoistic guy. Then you know he’s not overly self-indulgent to be giving in the relationship & honest about himself.  

The other crazy thing is the whole changing of school to complete my diploma and degree concurrently (forced by chance and circumstances I was, to take on 2 courses at the same time but I’m glad I did cuz it saved me time), living out on my own, knowing what it means to take responsibility for my own actions, learning more things to hate about Singapore but also how to count my blessings.

I’ll like to take this moment to say to my Singaporean friends…: if I don’t start personally attacking you, you’re cool. Otherwise please bear with me because you know I don’t like your country in general, and I’ve got a boyfriend who thinks likewise, so it kinda gets harder to convince me otherwise. I need to say this cuz I’ve been naively slamming Singapore openly thinking someone will come up and prove me wrong, but there has been none so far, so I might have made many people suffer in silence as they take my verbal onslaught.  

Anyway. I guess I’m pretty much the same person in terms of personality… I’m still as stubbornly self-righteous on my beliefs as before, I am still hard on myself but I’m also still as good as procrastinating when I shouldn’t. I’m still quite paranoid on things that matter, in fact I think I tend to over-react, but I’m not as nice to people who piss me off as before. People who know me will know the first person that comes to mind is Imbecile.  

Also one of the other things I’ve learnt as I moved on from business and law school to a hospitality school is that…Business students are more self-centred (career-wise) than hospitality students..  The passion of wanting to join the hospitality industry can only be innate. So my advice for all who’re thinking of taking random hospitality management qualifications to jump on the bandwagon leading from the integrated resort island in Singapore, think again… 
Does making painstaking efforts to ensure the satisfaction of holiday makers and business men with their stay at your hotel sound like a motivation factor? Can you take verbal lashings from picky and cheapskate guests without losing your cool and turn things around to make them like your property to get their repeat business? Do you have the common sense and social (net-working) skills to create a miracle when Murphy’s law is working at its full glory?? To have a better idea, go read Hotel Babylon, I used to have a copy but because I lend my books to people so much I’ve lost track of where it is now.

So right now, I just can’t wait to finish my diploma and hopefully get my degree certificate soon so that I can realise my life-long dream of working and holidaying around the world. 😀 I hope Murphy will keep his distance from me as far as possible. Haha.


7 thoughts on “Retrospective Revelations

  1. nobody SG needs to prove anything to you…the world doesn’t evolve ard your life or wat u say or wat u do…because of pple like u who tink so negative about everything all the time(juz like yer so-call bf) ttz why the world’s fallin apart….

    so here’s my advice as a fren(if u still regard mi as one) n whether u like it or not:

    stop bitchin like a bloody bimbo bitch coz it only makez u look more stupid….
    stop whinnin like a lil girl while thinkin u r mature…

    for the record…u r becomin someone that u r not…n ttz wat i dont like bout u…if u dont like it u can always run away…which i guess ttz wat yer good at rite….

    u wanna say something well here’s my share!!!!

  2. Eugene, Eugene. Tsk tsk. Look who’s whining like a little girl now. You’re what, 25 years old now? And that’s the best shot you have to give? And people wonder why I don’t date Singaporeans. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    For one thing, I complain yes, but I criticise, I substantiate. I don’t say things like “I don’t run away from shitty things” when I wanta show how patriotic I am to my country. I admit my faults, that I’m a Malaysian but I don’t speak Bahasa. I admit JB is a ghetto, but it’s still my home. I love the food I get there, I love the people, and my country has character. More so than yours.

    It’s because of people like me that the world’s a better place. I effectively caused my law lecturer to be fired because I voiced my unhappiness about her incompetence, I don’t sit there and whine about it. I stand up to Imbecile, I don’t lose my fighting spirit to believe that things can change for the better and become all apathetic..

    I’m not negative, I believe things can change for the positive. I try to turn “shitty” things around, you told me you were like me once, remember? And guess what, we turned out quite differently, didn’t we.

    Now tell me, what have you done about the injustices done to yourself? Be a man, Eugene.

    And, oh yea, Shane IS my boyfriend, if you can’t bring yourself to believe that. Or can you not believe how you haven’t got yourself a gf as yet? I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. My mantra here on my blog is to be honest, and I am honest when I say, you’ve shown a new low of yourself. And everyone’s here to witness it.

  3. Lol@ Eugene. You don’t have to read what people whine about in their blogs if you don’t like it. Come on bring a decent argument along with you and we can have a decent debate instead of simple flaming.

  4. Well where should i begin because this seems more a waste of my time than anything ….
    but u think ur so smart that u can attack MY GIRLFRIEND …. and call me a “so called bf”
    with that said …. one if your gonna start posting comments please learn to write in proper english
    not ur crappy singlish … and do it with proper grammar….
    capitalist Infidel made a point i wanted to make …if u really dont like what is written here then why do you read it ?? its not like you’re forced to ??
    The fact that you have run to the US …. you shouldnt talk about how other people should run away
    or claim to know why people do things ….
    Whatever reason you claim to have gone to the US for isnt valid ’cause if your “so called” country
    is so great then you could get the experience and know how here …..
    ” stop bitchin like a bloody bimbo bitch coz it only makez u look more stupid….
    stop whinnin like a lil girl while thinkin u r mature…
    wow that was a mature statement …. coming from a 10yr old …. wait you’re 25 …. grow up, and grow some balls …. you try and flame people and then you will hide away and never reply ’cause that’s the kind of person you are … *note i sed person cause you are an insult to males everywhere*
    for someone who tries to act religious you make me sick …. ’cause you are like so many people in your
    country … who make it look like they are religious but act the total opposite …..
    ill be waiting for your response 🙂
    till then we will all continue to comment and say what we like about your country ….

  5. heh my exams are over too babe~! and i so didn’t study for them at all cos my guy made me study with him lol~ ^^

    heh regarding the touchy SG debate- what i can say? SG has her faults. but nevertheless i’m still essentially proud to say that i’m a Singaporean over here… so that’s OK as long as you do recognize that there are SGreans who fall out of the norm 🙂

    i’m planning a trip to Tokyo in two weeks probably going by myself cos i think ade isnt really keen on going after all (we’ve been putting Japan off for like FOREVER) and summer is going to be over before we know it lol~

    and if if if if if you HAPPEN to want to go to JAPAN by any chance, tell me!!! ^^

  6. Oh I wish I can join you in Tokyo, babe! But I still have classes till end of July, what a shame..!
    Before you start feeling hurt, I need to say that : Yes, there are Singaporeans who’re totally cool and acceptable, but they’re mostly
    a) already out of the country
    b) planning to leave the country
    c) honest about what’s wrong with their country mostly because they KNOW what’s wrong with their country.
    There are just too many of them bought over by the propaganda, babe. It’s sad.
    You’re a) and c)! Therefore see, you’re cool. 😉
    Have fun over there, yea, how long are you gonna be there? Just take care of yourself ok!

    Also, I love Preacher! *muacks*

  7. i’m coming back in august 19! ^^ but my guy wants me to go back to Korea with him next march… so… im not sure~ haha~

    depends on if i wanta work first or do post-graduate studies i guess~ mom wants me to go america or china for post-grad >.

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