Hellooo gorgeous!

My sister was browsing online stores for bags, but I prefer to look at clothes. I like what I see. Pictures courtesy of Bluefly.com. 😀

 Sweet Pea:
blue geometric mesh knotted blouson top

ebony leather lace up 'Brice' wedges

sparkler hooded cashmere cardigan tunic sparkler plunging v-neck tunic

I love!! I’d move to the US just for the online shopping….. Muahaha….


12 thoughts on “Hellooo gorgeous!

  1. Whatsbuzzing: Sweeeet they got so many things over there…. 😀 me happy! hehe
    If only I got the dough to shop online like crazy! Just spent USD128 on Victoria Secrets.. They got their semi-annual sale now! :p

  2. I know money is a problem!! Its never enough for shopping thats hv to check deals… Whatsbuzzing.com has evey deal which is going on in the market…

    Happy shopping

  3. Hehe yeaa… Doesn’t help that I’m not working yet.. Gonna graduate from my diploma in late July..
    I’m from Johor Bahru! =)
    Thanks for ur recommendation!
    Do you think you’d be interested in a Coach bag?
    Mine was a gift, and is barely used..
    I need to raise money for my travelling fund, thinking of going to NZ for a working holiday next summer, maybe Jan2008.
    If you’re interested I’ll email you the pictures and details! 😉

  4. Girl i’m home! hello ‘whats buzzing’:)! funny cause i just got off an SQ flight a day back and i see you saying that you’re from SQ.

    hope you’re enjoying your hols to the max dear girl! i’m leaving for thailand in a couple of wks.

  5. Heyyyy IVY dear! I’ll be free to meet up later part of this week, maybe thurs, Nive and I gg to Wala’s. Maybe.
    I’ll give u a buzz when I’m back in SG cuz I’m in JB now for a while….
    Why are u gg to Thailand? Holiday?

  6. Ivy – yup flew with the airline for 5 years. miss it a lot , miss Singapore the most..
    Lived in Australia for 2 years after that but there is no place like Asia..

    Szez…Yup send me the picture of the bag and price…

  7. Whatsbuzzing: sent you the pics!! Cheers. 🙂

    Flying with the airline must be lots of fun..
    I like being the passenger though, I love Krisworld! I always watch the movies..which are usually ahead of those showing in Singapore! hehe.

  8. Ahhh I love bcbgmaxazria so much! Their designs are always neat and cute, I think. I actually bought a black bcbg cocktail dress on eBay even though I’ve never worn it, haha.

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