Shopping shopping shopping

Now I know why I like online shopping so much…. Cuz I just went shopping with my lil sister on Orchard today.. She saved up a lump sum of her allowance for shopping in one go… I, aka the shopping companion, ended up buying some stuff for myself too, although I’m already eating into my savings for travelling..

Gasp. It’s just agonizing to just see someone shop like a madwoman without joining in the madness myself, you know.. lol. The downside of shopping the old school way is the physical exhaustion I feel at the end of the day… Especially when lil sis couldn’t decide between a YSL or a MiuMiu or a Prada. Or a Gucci or Tods. The list, is endless. She settled on a YSL.

I think if I had the money to shop like my sis (who saved up so much of her allowance it’s absurd she’s even given so much in the first place) I don’t think I’ll have so much trouble deciding, mainly because I’m a decisive person. Doesn’t take much for me to decide on pretty much anything I wanta buy. Mainly because I hate contemplating for too long. It confuses me, and frustrates the sales girl. And I usually am able to pick out which one I like best out of a lot in, say, 5mins?

Anyways, kudos to Far East Plaza for all the cheap shopping, bought an orange babydoll top with lacy straps for just over SGD30. 😀

Singapore is only good for shopping, really. lol.

Anyway, this cracked me up…. lol. Americans, sigh.


3 thoughts on “Shopping shopping shopping

  1. love SG for the food too~~~ heh we have like NO choice of food here =( everything is like chinese-korean style, japanese-korean style, italian-korean style… you get the picture… =P

    what did your sis buy!????? show me the link~!

  2. Wow they wanta localise the taste for everything!!
    Poor u. Don’t tell me they hv kimchi pasta! tt’ll be gross. :S

    Malaysian food still better. hehehe.

    I’ll email u the pic of my sis’s loot. Too lazy to look for the link. :p

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