I believe in good food photography

Picture courtesy of bbc.co.uk/foodChickpeas, tomatoes and tahinichickpeas, tomatoes and tahini

Doesn’t this look absolutely yummylicious?? I love food, and I love food photography… My inadequate Sony Ericsson K610i’s 2MB camera has been worked hard to get the best possible shots of food that I’ve ordered for the past few months…

But nothing beats supermacro lense when you wanta make food look delicious. I’ve learnt to love photography because of food. I always appreciate the presentation of every dish I order, and I always wanta preserve my impression of it. What I discovered is that colourful doesn’t mean delicious. LOL.

BakerzIn flaky vegBakerzIn flaky vegBakerzIn flaky vegBakerzIn flaky vegBakerzIn flaky vegBakerzIn flaky vegThe flaky vegetable pizza at BakerzIn wasn’t good… The red peppers were undercooked and lacked the aroma you’d expect from roasted (or properly cooked) peppers. But it did have a nice glossy red-lipstick colour that made it look delicious. Therefore, the ancient saying is true… Appearance can be deceiving!

I think food is beautiful, it doesn’t mind close-ups because its colours and layer of gloss make you hungry when you have a closer look, as if it’s right in front of you. I’ve started working on my project on how to market a hotel restaurant, and somehow I just dove right into the menu itinerary… Gawd making up the menu made me hungry while I was doing research. Greek salad never looked so good to me. 

Here are all the food pictures that mentioned so far..

BakerzIn flaky vegHere’s the flaky veg pizza from BakerzIn

coupe cheesecake The coupe cheesecake also from BakerzIn that they’ve phased out. The one thing I love. Sigh.

Greek Salad! The very yummy looking Greek Salad, courtesy of Mediterrasian.com

So that’s all so far, for my food update. I’ve always said my dream job is to be a food critic, the kind that has a TV crew following me around while I sample delicacies of the world (free food, free travel, free lodging, and I get paid for it!!) Oh dream on. Lol.

5 thoughts on “I believe in good food photography

  1. i love the coupe cheesecake too! i’ve a knack of having the food i adore (and i really seldom REALLY dig food tho i do eat quite alot, cos i’m really critical) be phased out… like this cheese and carrot bread breadtalk had 3 years back, the blueberry cheesecake at tcc… erm…can’t rem more of the other food which always get phased out on me…but it’s quite a substantial list…

    and recently, even the lip gloss i use from guerlain has also been phased out… AH well… of ALL colours….

    am i THAT non-mainstream??? these proprietors just don’t wanna sell things to me!

  2. Haha poor dear, you.. For that, I’m quite grateful my favourite thai dishes aren’t phased out at First Thai, which reminds me, I really should bring you and Ivy there.. They got DA BEST authentic Thai cuisine..

    Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf used to have this chocolate swirl cheesecake that I can’t find Sg anymore, but thankfully the ones in JB still have them! Maybe you should come to JB for better food… who knows, you’ll be more mainstream here! haha.

    Ask me along the next time you go for great food… before anything else gets phased out again!! =X

  3. i’ve makan places to intro too!! such goodness…. YUM YUM!!! let’s meet up for a makan tour! and i would love to discover jb better cos everytime i go, it’s only to city square and back across the causeway again…. how adventurous. *sheepish smile*

  4. Yay! I should bring you to this Tea Cafe along Seah Street that I always strongly recommend. 🙂
    Let me know which afternoons ur free, saturday included. I’m sure you’ll love the place. 🙂 We can ask Ivy and Nive along too! =)

    JB has so many gd places to eat, but it’s more convenient if I have a car to drive around.. We’ll see what we can do.. one thing at a time yea! THere’s this one in Tebrau City not far from JB downtown that’s great to shop in.. They got Dunkin Donuts, great cinemas (RM10 on weekends! That’s SGD4.00), great shopping and TONS of restaurants and cafes (Yes, starbucks included) amongst other things.

    Maybe we can go to that one first! =)

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