I whine.

Sometimes I wish I can just buy a ticket, board a plane and abandon everything here… forever…bring only my family and my beau with me, and maybe all my people who I consider worthy of rescue, and other essentials.

This place is turning everyone I love into a maniac, myself included.

It’s about the racism, the elitism, the island mentality, the arrogance, the narrow-mindedness, the weather, the pointless politics, the dusty air, the morning throngs, the evening throngs, the weekend throngs, the ridiculous queues for overrated food, the impatience (or worse, apathy) of people who realise they’re living in a farce environment, the kampung attitude of people in general (no matter how cosmopolitan they think they are, puh), the snobbish people who don’t earn their snobbishness, the lousy food, the underpaid and unhappy workers who mostly have no fashion sense (and claim to have no time for sex, according to CLEO magazine LMAO), the slutty SPGs who cause the over-glorification of white men on holiday and expat payroll, the confused younger generation who have no idea what the country’s identity really is (look how much they try to look Manga-Jap, Fred-Perry-British or thrashy American and how Peranakan culture, for example, is undermined and drowned in a white-ass kissing culture the bilateral free-trade agreements with America, Australia etc has created), amongst many other things.

I wish the things I find acceptable & appreciate can outweigh or hopefully balance the things I’m unhappy about… I mean I do like certain standalone, home-grown F&B establishments like First Thai Food on Purvis Street and Tea Bone Zen Mind, the toilets are generally well located and pretty clean, shopping is fine, grocery shopping is convenient, a minority of the population are actually pretty worthy of respect, but the vibe in general doesn’t make me fall in love with it.. I mean, Ivy fell in love with Denmark, Ceci fell in love with Seoul, Poh fell in love with Germany, South Africa, New Jersey, etc and SW loves Edinburgh and Newcastle..and they’ve been there for a maximum of close to 3 years.. They’re ALL Singaporean graduates, they’re proud of being Singaporean, but they all are considering living overseas. I love them because they can see what’s wrong with their home and explore new territories before they decide where they wanta settle down.

And then there are those who get the same opportunities, believe this is the best place to settle down in although they’ve never tasted a life in other places. I guess there are people who see what’s wrong with their home and are contended with settling with staying here (although I dunno why). To each his own; especially if you grow up here, you’ll grow too comfortable of how the basic needs are easily satisfied here… I guess not everyone likes the uncertainty of being “second class citizen” and readjust to a new way of life (which to me is totally exhilarating, no matter if it turns out to be good or bad… it’s the fact that I’ve been there that counts…anyway..) I figured that this label needs to be emphasized here, or else in another couple of years’ time majority of people living here will only be transit residents who don’t want their kids to do national service (which does shite anyways) and have no emotional attachment to the place.

I know, it’s pointless for me to complain and whine about everything because it’ll be a while before I can actually take off…. I guess this place to me will be, until I save enough money to leave, a very long transit I got stuck in.

6 thoughts on “I whine.

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  2. heh just buy a ticket and make sure you have enough money to survive for a good 3 months and you’ll be able to start a new life anywhere… =)

  3. Lol those slackers who like the ease of living in Singapore will get rudely awakaned soon and probably too late. A week in BJ has been enough to let me see the utter insignificance of Singapore. If it got wiped off the face of the earth, no one will miss it, the businesses will simply move to Shanghai or something, where it is easier to work with China anyway.

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