Crossroads and Potter

It’s been quite a journey, the past 3 years. And next week will be my very last week of school-going days. I hope I will bring good things to announce here from now onwards… because soon I’ll either be jobless & carefree or be having a job & enjoying it. 🙂

Sitting in a classroom to learn for the sake of exams is pretty effortless, self-studying for university exams was tough, & almost turned me into a zombie, but learning skills while on the job will be a whole new game… and I can’t wait for it to start…! That is, if I do get a job of course. Lol.

Things pending include the results of my undergraduate final exams… I got a mail from UOL (weirdly sent from Sweden and not the office in UK) for continuing registration yesterday, which will be needed if (God forbid!) I have to retake any of my subjects… Please please please let me get passes in all my subjects!!  I can’t worry too much about it now… I’m at the mercy of Mr Postman.

Anyway, I caught a private screening of the new Harry Potter movie at Shaw Towers yesterday night… Got lucky because I was offered a free ticket by my ex-boss. Muahaha. After all the anticipation of the movie, I have to say, I was slightly disappointed, because the main problem was with the pacing of the plot. And the overzealous effort to churn out a dark atmosphere, even at the Ministry of Magic, did make the movie depressing as the book did, but the second half of the movie was filled with too much special effects and a rushed plot instead of good acting and character development. All in all, it was like going through an essay from a student who didn’t have enough time in the exam hall, if you know what I mean. But there were good times during the movie..

I love the Weasley twins’ scene of their way of having a little fun at Hogwarts because they decided they were made for bigger and better things outside school. I liked the girl playing Luna, and (she-from-Fight-Club) Bellatrix. And it’s nice to see the characters growing up like Neville and Ron who look like they’ve been stretched by an invisible hand called puberty cuz they looked kinda elongated (less skinny, in a way)… lol. Hermione looked cuter in the first 2 movies. Oh well. People grow up. I like how Harry’s all grown up, his maturity after going through everything so far is reflected in his sombre disposition and wanting of more responsibility. I just didn’t really like Cho, they could’ve gotten someone prettier.

Well what else can I say, it’s a Harry Potter movie. Every fan’s gotta catch it. :p
I’m now waiting for the 7th book to be released. Made a pre-order at Borders, because of their lucky draw. Muahaha. Hope I win it!

2 thoughts on “Crossroads and Potter

  1. lol was it just me or did they all grew ugly? yeah the luna girl is cute, in a quirky way… ^^

    good luck for your interview! ^^

  2. Haha yea, I think not many kiddy celebrities grow up looking hot. What a shame. Of course there’s always the option of going under the knife.. lol.

    Thanks babe! 😀
    Can’t wait to meet u and the Spanish speaking Korean of a beau of yours. 😉 have fun.

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