What happened today.

Everyone has dreams. Mine started when I was about 11, when I turned my living room into a bar, when I invented a Sensation Cafe. I designed & planned the menu. Printed out order forms, even. I didn’t know it then, but that was a hint of my dormant passion.

Food food food. I always think about food. I use food figuratively (think, it collapsed like a soufflé dipped into, with a teaspoon), I take pictures of food presented like art, my weight fluctuates a lot because when I taste good food, I hunt for more. Then I panick and stop eating. And turn to delicious cocktails.

I like cooking but I wish I had a bigger kitchen like Jamie Oliver (whose show I love to watch, whose book I got as birthday present). I love to watch Japan hour because of the traditional Japanese cuisine they feature. My favourite site is food.about.com.

Also, I am particular about service in restaurants. I refuse to pay service charge when the service ain’t up to my expectations. I reward great service that I receive. I believe Asian hospitality has been corroded by Big City attitude and notions of haute whatever. And I believe we got a lot to learn from North American and European (especially French and Italian) dining etiquettes.

Today, I was offered a job at one of the leading luxury hotel chains in the world in the food and beverage department. The dormant passion has awaken. Muahaha.

4 thoughts on “What happened today.

  1. amiga!!! amigo is the male version!! hahaha~~~ btw im going to buy another ticket~~ coming back later on 28th aug instead of 19th hehe

  2. Haha ok, fine, amiga. :p
    Alrighty, hope I’ll have time for you when ur back, I’m not sure how busy I’ll be with work..
    Meanwhile hang in there..

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