YES I know this seems to keep coming up, but I’m finally done with my last exam EVER! 2 hrs paper, but it only took me 45mins to complete cuz I was so eager to get it over and done with, and I’m pretty confident that I’ll get a good pass. 🙂

Had a nice lunch with Miwa (who bought me a sweet heart pendant from Metropolitan Museum of Arts) and Margaret at Marche in Vivocity and then met my beau to jalan jalan (“walk walk” in Bahasa Malaysia lol)  in Funan for electronics. I’m tempted by the Creative speakers with the subwoofer which won’t cost me an arm and a leg but still produce pretty good sound. Maybe I’ll go get it from Challenger next Monday or Tuesday. :p

Went to Paulaner Brauhaus for some quality bier with Ivy, who told me amusing stories about her tuition kids and local juvenile street gangsters who are really harmless and amusing individuals (both the kids and the gangsters!)… You gotta hand it to Ivy for the flair for delivering anecdotes that sound funny all the time. Lol. Mingling joined us later for Home Club’s drum and bass night, and sad to say, I’ve yet to acquire the liking and appreciation for this heavy brand of electronica music. For one, I found the dance moves of people nearest to the DJ kinda amusing, I mean, I’m used to the sexy R&B gyrating booties I see in other clubs previously or the chilled out disposition of pub and bar goers. This was something unique in itself..It was very eclectic beats, so kinda hard to dance to. Most people just waved their hands around or looked like they were punching the air. I think if you’re really really stoned, it’d sound way better. Like the way philosophers & musicians erupt with brilliant inspirations when they’re high on weed or sth you know? Lol.

Shout out to Ceci, Pohlin, Shuwen and Jenn.. When you gals are back (whenever you’ll be back) I’ll make sure we have a great time. 😀

8 thoughts on “Finito!

  1. haha i just went to a party with the SKT people on friday, crashed at a gf’s place till sat afternoon, went home and then went to ANOTHER party with another group of SKT people on saturday night~ 7 bottles of vodka,tequila,whiskey + 489325 bottles of beer haha~~ dont rem falling down but we got out of the club at daylight and then i crashed at some friend’s place haha… super mega crazy…

    First time partying this year and hell, i partied for two days straight… but when my guy comes back i cant party anymore lol~ he knows how we both get out of control in clubs~ and hell yeah, it was damn crazy. just wished my guy was there instead =(

  2. Haha crazy partying… at least you didnt drink 16 bottles all by urself like my beau and partied non-stop for 2 weeks.
    Everyone’s gotta have experiences like this. :p
    Just take care of yourself, don’t slip because ur bf’s not there to watch out for you.

  3. heh drank last night again cos me and ade bumped into this korean guy from KU which we sorta knew back in sg but only got properly introduced in korea~ haha and today’s some other intern’s birthday so we gotta drink again! madness…

    am still deciding if i should come back on 27th aug or 31st aug hmmm

  4. Lol ok, if I ever visit Seoul you’re bringing me to all the nightspots worth visiting!

    eh, is that such a difficult decision to make? lol.
    oh you shld consider coming back on the 24th because it’s WOMAD weekend! =)

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