Breathe! (Hotelier in the making Part 1)

I do apologize for my lack of entries lately.. Work’s been kinda tiring.. Orientation’s over, I’m working the 5pm-1am shift for now, because I’m still a freshie at the bar.. lots and lots of basics have to be learned.

Just for those who’ve been keeping up with me, I’m working in one of the hotels along Orchard Road.. Some say it’s the best hotel in Singapore, therefore I’ve got this pressure to learn everything quickly even though today’s going to be only my 4th day at work. I’m a little bit stressed up. Right now, I’m dealing with maintenance of the back area (the pantry area actually) so that everything (except the alcoholic beverages and more fanciful stuff) can be served quickly. I’ve already been making mistakes, naturally. But I’m learning as I err! I’m not allowed to serve the guests just as yet, but hopefully soon! Lol.

On the upside, my colleagues (veterans in the field who’ve been in the F&B line for more than 10 years!!) have been pretty patient with me, because I’m so forgetful & blur with everything that’s to be done… I better make sure that I keep a notebook with me now, because some things should not be repeated. Ooh and after work, I get to share a taxi with my other colleagues who knock off at around the same time as me, all arranged and paid for by the company, so I don’t hafta fork out a single cent. It’s really nice to have that at the end of the shift!

Other things to Yay about… We’re getting new uniforms in Sept! Which is a relief cuz I really think the one I’m wearing right now is kinda unflattering. Dinner and Dance at the end of this month! Which also coincides with my last bit of orientation which is giving feedback to the HR staff and having a night to stay in the deluxe rooms (I think)! Hopefully the 2 will coincide so it’ll be like another prom night muahahaha.

That’s all for now then, gotta scoot!! I’ll try to update more as things happen. Heh. Ciao ciao.


2 thoughts on “Breathe! (Hotelier in the making Part 1)

  1. Oh well, it’s subjective, but I think there’s a gd reason why our rates are at least SGD100 higher than other 5 Star hotels for our standard rooms. That and we get 35-40% repeat guests for rooms.
    And after seeing the Sunday brunch today, I conclude again, that my company is way better than Ritz. Haha.

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