Hotelier in the making part 3

So I got my results for my last module in my diploma programme. 4 marks shy of a distinction!! I thought I could get one final distinction and squeeze the last 50 bucks prize money out of Imbecile before I get my cert (which he has yet to call me for the collection).
AND I’ve graduated from my degree in management with law from UOL with a third class honours! Ok, it’s not fantastic results, but at least I don’t need to retake anything and waste another year. And this also means I get to go to London in March 2008 for my graduation ceremony!!! And guess what?!?? A very special guest at the hotel bar offered to use his connections (CEO of a certain airline) to get me free flights for my parents and me to London! Woohoo! It’s good news all around baby. 😀

So ok enough of the good news. I think I’m getting the hang of the job.

How to upsell drink orders: first you ask if they have a preference in the choice of the vodka (Stolichnaya, Belvedere & Grey Goose are hot favourites in the premium vodka range) or whisky (Glenfidditch and Johnny Walker Black Label are ordered quite a bit) or Gin (many British guests stick to Tanqueray; Bombay Sapphire is popular with tonic) etc instead of just using the house spirits,
then you ask if they want a double on that. This I learnt from my senior captain and it’s very useful. Especially since many guests order the same drink again after they’re done with the first.

How to make guests like you: Well this is trade secret. Muahahahaha. The general rule is just be real. Never be pretentious, especially with the high profile guests.

Oooh I almost forgot… For the promotion of Heroes last month, half the cast of the show who came to Singapore to promote Season 2 stayed at my hotel. And guess who’s sent to offer them drinks??!!? I got sent to meet the VIPs on their arrival, to their table at the bar after their gala dinner, and again on the 3rd day when they were waiting for their counterparts at the lobby to go for dinner. I even got to know which room one of them was staying in because he posted his bill to room charge.. Not that I’d sell that information to anybody.. Haha. I think God must know I’m the only staff from the bar who appreciated who they were. It’s really surreal the first time I saw them… But the third time I met them, I started seeing them as just another group of guests mainly because it was a real busy night when they came to the bar and we didn’t have time to fuss over them although they did order a few bottles of champagne. Believe me, regular guests require more attention than guests who come by once in a blue moon (or once in their lifetime), although they can also be very patient when occasional big shot VIPs are around.

It’s only been about a month and a half, and I already love this job, despite the physical fatigue I sometimes get. :p

Anyways just a short story on my dinner yesterday… The canteen food looked so unappetizing that I decided to go for dinner alone at the Japanese joint in Food Republic (fancy name for that food court in Wisma Atria).. Had really nice cold sake and sashimi, plus some shrimp and vegetable tempura. Since it wasn’t busy and I was sitting at the sushi bar counter, I started chatting with the sushi chef who’s (no surprise here) Malaysian… He’s got 8 years of experience and had worked in Holland and South Africa before… Now he’s in Singapore cuz he said he’s no longer young and he wants to be closer to home (Johor Bahru)… So anyway he asked if I was full, when I said not really he offered me a concoction of chopped cucumber & seafood (deep fried fish fritters, shrimp & boiled calamari) with mayonnaise and chilli spices (ingredients which I pointed out one by one after tasting them) on a bed of lettuce at no charge. It went so well with the sake (which was really easy to down)…!! This must be like the most satisfying dinner I’ve had in a long time… because I was really really hungry after work… Definitely going back there again. Cuz the chef said he’ll do something different for me on my next visit. Haha.

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