I love this look!

I wanta look like her! Ever since I ordered some stuff from Victoria Secrets, I’ve been getting mailers and email newsletters. I can’t stop window shopping on the website! If I had her figure, I’d really go for this look. Everyday. :p

7 thoughts on “I love this look!

  1. I’m slowing shrinking into nothingness. I’ve lost 2kgs since starting work. It’s been 2 months. I hope I don’t go on losing weight.
    The physical fatigue is tremendous. There are days when I only have energy to drag myself to eat so I don’t die. “Eat to live” has a new meaning to me.
    But on the other hand, work’s been getting more manageable. I can’t wait for probation to be over… So I can start earning my confirmed rate at a 4.3% increase of what they promised in my appointment letter. Muahahaha.

  2. lol the challenge is to stay slim and grow boobs… haha.. anyways meet up soon in TOWN! haha… i need company to check out orchard road… havent been there since i got back… >.<

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