Work, work, work.

I just got my 2nd pay slip yesterday! Yay for not feeling broke. Double yayness for already earning a couple of hundred dollars of tips for the last 2 months combined. Hehe.
The things I hate about this job are how my feet get so sore and hurt like crap after 8 hours at least a day of wearing them, how I can’t get to see my boyfriend much because he also works in another hotel as management trainee, how I can’t eat properly and have since lost my previous appetite. And one of my colleagues who is so high-strung she makes work extra pressurizing. And her bad English… (When trying to express the need to empathize) “You gotta put your face on his shoes..” Yeaaa.

Other things are excellent. I love my Swiss German manager who isn’t too arrogant to ask for my help to prepare his powerpoint presentation, and always wears a smile on his face and murmurs nonsensical stuff over the Grid phone system like “Smile more….” when I’m serving wine to guests (why does he sound so silly when I describe him like that… Lol! ). I love how the regular guests treat the staff like their friends and address everyone by first name basis. I love how easy it is to make new acquaintances from every other departments, so when I walk from the locker room to the staff canteen I say hi to at least 3 people and I actually remember their names!

I also love the fact that most people see potential in me, which is very encouraging. I’ve already gotten 2 job offers to work in hotel development companies. But I’ll stay with my hotel, just because I think it’s an important component of character building. I hope after working in operations I’ll be patient, humble and worldly. Of course I still hold on to my dream of being in higher management after 10 to 15 years, but they say, after the initial stage of agony, everything flows easily. Hopefully then.

It’s all good, baby. All so good.


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