SFW Wrap Party: A complete flop, but an apt summary of Singaporean fashion.

My little sister’s studying fashion design, so she texted me about the Wrap Party at Zouk to night, about a couple of hours ago, and asked me to tag along. I was expecting some kind of nice glamourous party with models strutting everywhere.

Instead, I got duped of SGD20 for the entry charge (because I was 5mins later than 10pm; entry charge was SGD10 up to 10pm) and drink coupons (they used up 2 of my coupons for the single Whisky Sour that I ordered, which was very small in portion and tasted like stale piss), and the so-called “show” was nothing but a cheap and tasteless parody of the movie 881, Britney Spears, Tyra Banks’ ANTM, etc consisting of a full hour of drag queens and she-mans.

Granted, this must be a big Singaporean-inspired laugh material when they can have the perfect chance to make fun of themselves, of their “20 years of Singaporean Fashion” by showing a long queue of video clips of past fashion shows and then a torturingly long oddball parade. But given that this is supposed to be the big wrap-up to the Singapore Fashion Week and even David Gan was there to grace the event, shouldn’t it be done with a bit more taste than the horrific nightmare-turned-real episode that it became?? I believe there can be taste to humour.

This, was atrocity. And perhaps an example of a staple offering from Singaporean efforts.


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