On being decisive.

I really hate it when people can’t make up their minds. I also really hate it when people make up their minds against better judgement. Or against my judgement, I guess.

All I want, is to decide on a place for a vacation. I dunno what’s the fuss about. Can we please just decide on something and stick to it and make it work?

At work, all I want, is to follow instructions about specific things, and not be confused when some smart aleck decides to go against them. They’re called instructions, and there’s a hierarchy, for very obvious reasons. I can’t wait to hold authority. To have the power to counsel certain people who have issues. To have the final say.

All I want, is to have a good argument and come to a satisfactory conclusion that ends in agreement to differ or  a happy consensus. Really, am I too much to be impatient for a counter-argument from someone against my own when I’m really fired up on a topic of conversation?

All I want, is to be happily attached or happily single. Anything in between relationship status kills me. To stay in one requires a lot of convincing evidence to prove that it’s worth working out things for. I can’t stand myself being emotional and down because I can’t get what I want. I need to get out of what I know I don’t want to be in. Therefore I am cruelly decisive, and I maintain it’s for the greater good. To change my mind about something requires….a dramatic improvement.

And all I want, is for my company to realise I can’t stay where I am too long or I’ll become more stupid. And feel trapped. My potential unrealised.

To everyone wondering how I’ve been lately… I really need to get out.

2 thoughts on “On being decisive.

  1. *hugs*

    for me… holiday overdose maybe…

    or maybe im just sick of the SG life, already. lol.

    just wanta get outta here for a long long time…. pronto

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