Sorry to have gone MIA for such in a long time… Working night shifts 6 days in a row ain’t fun… But good things have happened in a the past week… Macallan 25yrs are sold, letter of commendation received, makeup and etiquette classes attended… Had free food from the chefs cuz I think they were in a good mood… hehe..
Pretty gd week in a nutshell, but I also received verbal lashing for being 5 mins late for the 2nd time.. Ah well, there are standards to meet… I should discipline myself… I also realised how mentally stressing it is to keep regular customers happy. You gotta be friendly and professional, and do ur job to make everyone feel special at the same time. But it felt great when there was this point when I had 4 tables and 3 were repeated guests, and I knew all their last names..

Anyways I’ve been trying to watch Heroes Season 2 on youtube as well… Such a great show! It’s really one of a kind.. The plot and acting’s terrific… I’m waiting for episode 9 to be out on youtube soon… Can’t wait!
Talking about entertainment, I watched Lust, Caution (rated R21 in Singapore) today by myself, and I hafta say, it’s a pretty intense film… It’s not just the sex scenes that were intense, although they looked pretty realistic, but it’s also the fantastic acting from the female lead Tang Wei as she transcends from university student to undercover agent/ pretended Shanghai mahjong-playing tai-tai to the femme fatale/ mistress of Tony Leung (whose eyes talk in their own language!!)…. Great directing from Ang Lee. 😀

Anyways it’s great to finally have a break, and I’ll be gg on a holiday wth my mom next week…

Actually, I hate just updating mundanities on this journal…But my job is at this stage when it’s not intellectually stimulating… Like I said before, it’s a world of excessive hedonism and (I recently realised) the inevitable requirement of tact in human relations. The only part that keeps me going is the prospect of possible career advancement.. I hope I’ll get there eventually in the near future..

I’m hungry for success. And I can’t hide it.

Here’s the theme song for Lust Caution by Jacky Cheung


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