What of 2007?

To be honest, the only thing that crosses my mind now is.. I’m going to be 23 in a week’s time. Twenty three!! Again I’m reminded of how my birthday’s ahead of most people I know and most people just can’t remember it because the beginning of the year is when people nurse themselves back to health from too much Christmas and NYE-NYD partying. Or, more sensibly, trying to get a head-start on planning events and resolutions on their calendars for the coming year.

Anyway the point of this entry (which is taking me very long because I keep getting distracted) is that I think I should reflect on the past year. Which has been kind of eventful for me…? Romantically, I broke up from a relationship, recovered, had a short-lived period of singlehood and found someone else, who’s still with me now… 😀 I don’t thrive on relationships, they just happen! Anyway I always told myself no matter if I’m single or not, I’ll still be happy.

 I took my finals, graduated and found a job which I believe will lead me closer to my dream of being a hotelier. And ever since that point, I’ve been enslaving myself to physically tiring working hours… Considering I’ve gotten several business cards from people offering me better paying jobs and several positive guest comment cards about my service, I think I’m doing ok for now.. But again I shouldn’t let that stop me from improving in what I do, yea? My company promises a lot, but they make you wait till a window of opportunity arrives. They also make you wait to see if you’re worth their money. So I think effectively now, I’m under close scrutiny and observation. I think. I hope the wait will be worth it.

So I have no New Year resolutions because I think I’ll get overambitious and fail them. But I do have a personal mantra to keep getting better at my job. Yes, right now everything I can think of goes back to my job. I got my job without much difficulty, mainly due to my academic backings. But in my industry, it’s not about how brainy you are in books that earns you respect; it’s about your EQ and experience and maturity that pushes you further and further up the hierarchy ladder.
I gotta keep reminding myself my long term goal: GM in 20 years.

Due to the nature of my job (which takes away almost all the public holidays and weekends), I’ve also been neglecting many people I know who want to meet up and catch up. My social life isn’t at zero just at yet because I still managed to be a normal person on rare occasions and have lunch/dinner/drinks with friends, but yea. It’s strange but I don’t feel sorry for myself that I have to work while others party and enjoy themselves. I guess I’d hafta accept that if I’m serious on this industry, don’t I. Hehe.

Personally, these days I just live through my shifts like an automaton. I’ve stopped pondering about things that should matter to me like they did when I was still a student. I just accept things as they are and worry more about whether I get enough sleep and food. And whether my family’s ok.
I think I should stop being so microscopic in my daily ponderings. I really should read more news. All I know now is that Bhutton was assassinated about 2 days ago while she was leaving her election rally. And that Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai donated USD10 billion for the purposes of educational efforts in the UAE (or is it just Dubai? I can’t remember). And that Singaporeans are at the mercy of ever increasing taxi prices and vicious developers who force reluctant home owners to agree to en bloc sales.

The daily humdrum. I travel in the MRT thinking to myself “I gotta leave this country when I can” and “I wish my job paid a bit more so I can save more for my London trip in March”, or the likes. Right now, as I’m sitting on my couch typing away at my Panasonic Toughbook, I really want to visit a spa. Time to start planning a spa quickie at Bintan. Muahaha.

To everyone who bothered reading till this point, Happy 2008 and, don’t do things that I won’t do. But then again I’m game for a lot of things. So. Yea don’t do things that will end up in tears. Like not following your heart, not making that decisive stand against something you want to defend yourself against, and not calling me up to book a lunch appointment. 😉 Cheers.

4 thoughts on “What of 2007?

  1. Well done, love. Our lunch date on friday is set. Don’t forget my souvenir. We’ll talk abt BJ till the cows come home. But I hope my throat gets better by then. I’m kinda losing my voice. Ahaha.

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