Lil Updates

Bitchin’ Time!

Oh it’s been a while since I’ve mustered my bitchin’ mood. I relish moments like this when I can finally practice my vocabulary on the unfortunate individuals who have ruffled my neatly preened feathers. Why do I say the last bit? I’ve been given a “Grooming Award” at my hotel although to be honest I spend the least amount of time dolling myself up in the locker room, compared to my colleagues. Oh well.
The most unlikely things can happen. Like when a bumblebee flies. (To quote Craig Ferguson’s example of things going against the law of nature… a little explanation: the aerodynamics of a bumblebee’s physical dimensions should, theoretically, prevent it from flying but hey! It flies!)

Anyway. I’ve been attacked by mini TV-trailers of tonight’s Deal or No Deal Singapore episode. Incidentally, they call it the “Hunk” episode. To be honest, I find it anything but. For starters, the men on the show aren’t the least bit hot to me. I mean, honestly! Other than the fact that they’ve obviously been working hard at the gym (I’m referring to clips of them donning board shorts and showing off their upper bodies while playing beach volley), there’s nothing impressive about their profiles (which I’ve read about in 8 Days mag). Worse, the contestant on the episode, this SIA girl I suppose, appears to be slutty and basically being very typically Singaporean (aka opening declaring she’s gone commandos while filming for a TV program) and desperate (aka declaring herself to be single and doesn’t hide that she’s trying to find someone who’s willing to lay her). For crying out loud! Please have some decorum and self respect, especially when you’re going on national television! I’m SO glad she picked the top 3 prizes off in the first few rounds of elimination. I couldn’t bring myself to continue viewing the show, so I don’t know about the outcome, but I know for sure she didn’t go home with quarter of a million dollars. Ha!

OK! Enough about that for now… Some good things have been happening, fortunately. My sister’s getting married in March! And I’m going to be her emcee! Since I’m not going to have a co-host with me, I’ll hafta host the wedding bilingually, which won’t be a problem to me. I just hafta worry about picking the right dress to wear that evening. Initially I wanted to tailor-make a kebaya purely because of how it’s going to make me look really oriental and sexy. But my mom didn’t think it’s a good idea so I guess I’ll hafta force my sister to sponsor a nice evening gown for me! Hahaha. If only I can get something from BCBG or Stella McCartney or Marc Jacobs! I don’t think I can find Catherine Melandrino stuff here although I do have a nice black one… But it’s BLACK and it’s a Chinese wedding…. So I better refrain from picking that up from my wardrobe unless I want a massive offensive from the older generation attending the wedding. And I hope I’ll have time to play paintball the next day. Provided I have no hangover.

Oh and another great news.. Apparently I’ve been assessed by my hotel management’s “ghosts” to test my standards of service, and so far from what I’ve heard I’ve done a pretty decent job.. I think I remember a couple of guests who kept glancing at my name tag at work, but mostly I thought they had a hard time trying to make out how to pronounce my name. But it’s all good so far… Let’s hope I pass my probation as captain smoothly. J Which should end by the end of March. Wish me luck!!

All in all, I think 2008 has started brilliantly well for me. Let’s hope the good things last. 😉


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