I just watched P.S. I Love You starring Hillary Swank… It’s so beautiful and tragic and I could relate to the loss of someone I love (not necessarily because of death) so much that I was pouring tears throughout the movie. Swank was brilliant. I don’t know if it’s my PMS but I’ve been pretty emotional of late. Maybe it’s the woman in me evolving and fighting to be noticed by myself. Or maybe it’s just work that made me feel a tad like a self-pitying android — automaton programmed to comprehend the grim reality that life actually isn’t as perfect  and romantic as what the movies show.

Oh well. Some news lately. Death of Lydia Sum: not much of a surprise there, she was already gravely ill for some time. But she’s an icon in Hong Kong so she deserves to be eulogized properly. Edison Chen and his naughtiness caught on digital tape. Tsk tsk. The only thing worth mentioning is his accent! I didn’t know he’s actually Canadian. I think the problem lies here: girls just fall in love with naughty-boy looks and cute accents too much to get themselves into trouble; see how I’ve reduced his big fiasco into a mere “tsk” and then move on to what about him that intrigued me.  Men are such trouble! Lol.

Moving on. Everyone knows how much I hate living here and how much I want to move out asap. But this year is worth staying in because of major events like the Grand Prix, the ongoing air show, the World Gourmet Summit, and of course, concerts by Santana, Sting, etc. As much as I hate to admit this, there is something fetching about Singapore that the world population loves; something I can tap on when I move on to other countries and have Singapore in my resume. But it’s not enough eh. Soon Singapore will be so passé.

To end today’s relatively short entry, I’m looking forward to my big UK trip with my parents and my beau! Will be visiting London, Edinburgh and Glasglow. If I had the opportunity to work in the UK (hopefully London) I’d so go for it. Although on days that I feel jaded my mind starts to drift to NZ. I was planning on going there for a working holiday until reality sinks in: I don’t have enough dough to burn! Well! I hope I’ll be able to save enough money to do something really crazy on a whim in the near future. As much as we all know and hate to say it out loud (especially for folks with finite bank accounts like me), MONEY IS FREEDOM!



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  1. hey gal!!!! congrats on getting that award! =)

    guess what they reported the edison chen thingo in the korean newspaper too lmao! haha they said edison chen claimed he wouldn’t be able to stay in the hk entertainment circle anymore… is it true??

    wow everyone’s going to the UK!!! lianchiu’s there too atm i heard!! =D have fun ok!!! super envious!!!! i really wanta visit the UK too but the bf says we gotta go to his south american house in dec so ah well… =((((

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