Just because I don’t have to work morning shift tomorrow.

I started this entry with a mundane description of what I did today, mainly lunch with my boyfriend’s family, news of an old friend being in town, work, news at work, my reaction to the baggage problem in Heathrow Terminal 5 in the ST, who, doubtlessly, made an effort to make it a great deal so that locals proud of their Changi Terminal 3 can say “Hah! We the nation with the best airport in the world will never have a problem like this in our new airport terminal”. Yup. I’ll allow them to gloat. Anyway I scraped all of the elaborated version of the content above and started writing about not writing them, hence this is what you’re reading.

But I still love London more than Singapore by gazillion times. AND ST made a mistake by declaring Ritz Residence in Singapore being the first one Asia. Well helloooooo KL had it’s own years ago. So, bleah. Ok I’m starting to sound childish.

Moving on.
I bought 2 books 2 days ago — Kamikaze Girls (the blurb seemed pretty interesting and then realised it’s been made from print-to-screen… Must be dramatic enough a story. Must buy!) and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer & The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (2 books in one for only $12.95!! Good deal! Must buy!).

The latter was well, I drifted to the Literature section in Kinokuniya and the classics just really jumped at me. Mark Twain has always been foreign to me, which is kinda embarrassing since most modern American literature has been influenced by Twain. So I decided to acquaint myself with the MUST-READ father of all classics (just had to make it sound dramatic to convince myself to read it). To be honest I tried reading reading classics by Dickens & Austen. I got pretty bored. I can’t relate to the era she wrote her stories in. And the style of writing. It seems pretty pompous to me now. I really should stop comparing the level of entertainment each books provides with my chick flick novels from Sophie Kinsella. I tend to want to go through books like they are movies. If the language is too flowery and too much slang words of jargon from an era are used without a literature lecturer explaining to me the symbolism of the metaphors and comparatives used in the prose, I’ll fall asleep. My work schedule does not allow me to have the luxury of time to dissect and properly appreciate what makes classics classic. That said, Irvine Welsh uses slang too but it’s sooo entertaining because I love the Scots (mainly because of Craig Ferguson) and it’s modern literature. Welsh is going to write a spin-off from Trainspotting featuring Sick Boy and Renton!! I can’t wait. Dunno when it’s going to be out but yea.

I just have one question. Can anyone tell I’m in the hotel industry after reading all that I’ve wrote? Hahahaha. Never mind about that now. Talking about work, I got a pretty assuring news today which I will not reveal until the time is right, because nothing is certain in a volatile industry like mine.

Moving on again. I have a secret project for myself which has details that will be released when the time is ripe, again. Sorry to keep everyone in suspense but it’s something I can’t help but love doing. I believe deep down I am sadistic in a mental way. But it makes life interesting, doesn’t it. I wish I can write freely about my anger and the people and things I want to diss. But this is public and when anything’s public you gotta be a bit more sensitive and responsible for the things you say that can be potentially damaging.

Oh something just popped up in my head. I caught a few episodes of Jamie Oliver’s show about his new restaurant (also called Fifteen) in Sydney. I think it’s great what he’s doing, making a difference with his fame, giving back to the community in a very creative way. And not to mention everyone else gets to eat yummy food from his restaurants. It’s great. Next thing you know he’s going to start stocking up his menu with “fair-trade” vegetables, fruits and eggs etc. I’d love to do what he’s doing except that show bit. He had this theature turned into a live studio like the one he has in London to have a string of cooking shows. I think he was using the ticket sales for the show to finance his restaurant and to market what the whole restaurant’s mission was all about. The show was kinda cheesy, but you know, if it feeds the hungry, whatever works, has to be done I guess. Watching stuff like that reminds me of my ultimate secret ambition to be the host of a travel and food show. Foooood. Will somebody sponsor my professional cert in Gastronomy from Le Cordon Bleu!! Muahahaha.

Righto. Enough talk. I’ve thrown everything out of my brain for now. Excellente. I shall go to sleep considering it’s already 3am. Buenos noches!!


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