Delightful new things!

Life would be so boring if there aren’t 5 things in it:
Love, Comedy, Ambition, Books and Food. Not necessarily in order of importance, because they’re all important for me.
My beau says I’m a glutton. Food keeps me happy. I need to be fed before we settle on a place to have lunch just so I don’t get cranky by lunch time. My family’s love for me keeps me grounded and makes me feel lucky to be born in my family.
My career keeps me driven and constantly reminds me to be in my element. Although I’m not always in my prime condition (alert, approachable, understanding, critical but diplomatic, quick-witted etc), things that happen at work and what I do to make a difference fuels my passion.
And books, well, they were like food to me during my student days. I wish I have more time to read more now, looking at how I only read on MRT trips back and fro from work.
And yes comedy! I love Craig Ferguson, romantic comedies, etc. I love a good laugh. I always give an appreciative, loud laugh at something funny. It’s the biggest compliment to a good joke.
Recently, I got introduced to Comedy Court. I didn’t realise we had such talented comedians in Malaysia! And the way they poke fun at political figures is so entertaining and informative. Just look at this one.

Don’t really know why I wrote the above but yup. I watched “Definitely, Maybe” today and I loved it. Really great acting and plot, and Isla Fisher is so HOT!! I wanta look like her! And I loved her character in the show. The free-spirited, fun-loving and adventurous type.
I also wanta catch Nimm’s Island (because Gerard Butler’s so yummy looking) when it’s out.. Abigail is such a joy to watch. And I also wanta catch Cassandra’s Dream because it’s directed by Woody Allen and starring Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell… And also The Other Boleyn Girl. Too many movies to catch, too little time! I’m so getting my own movie collection in DVDs.

I write so little these days of only mundanities. I feel like I should start something purposeful. I’m not sure if I’m writer-material but it’ll be nice if I can publish my own book at some point in my life. Let’s see how this thing called Life turns out. Maybe I’ll be inspired enough to start my own writing project one day. Write a chickflick. Or something serious. Like women issues. Feminist topics. Or how I hate Singaporean life. Haha.

To end this entry, I’ll revive my Craig Ferguson postings. Enjoy this one!


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