You will not undermine my optimism.

Why is it that people in their thirties who have done nothing big in their lives always want to put me down when I tell them my dreams and aspirations? Well the obvious answer will be that I remind them of their own failures or lack of drive and ambition and that they’re determined to see me fail to substantiate their reasoning that it’s always bad to reach too high, because you’ll fall harder.

I learnt from one of the veterans in my company that you should always put 80% good news and 20% bad news when you want to be critical about someone while telling them about what you think. I appreciate the advice to be patient and not be disillusioned about how systems work, etc. But I don’t think one should be critical when someone junior tells them about their aspirations. It’s never a bad thing to want to maximise one’s potential, from my opinion. When someone like me (which is most people born in the 80’s) is given the tools to make it big i.e. university degree and multilingual capabilities, one should be encouraged and be given mentorship and be recognized as someone who has the potential to be that person who makes a difference in the society or organization one’s in. Of course the extent of success one can expect varies with many factors including the level of EQ, determination, endurance, common sense, political intelligence, values and ethics.

I don’t expect to be a superstar. I don’t expect to be Hillary Clinton or Martha Stewart or Oprah. But I just want to push my limits and see where my potential and drive takes me. I want to know how good I am. I am egoistic and I am honest about it. Maybe I have megalomanic tendencies. So what? At least I am working towards what may be my wildest dreams. How many people will give it all to do that?

We have seen people given tools far more extensive than mine who lack the maturity or gratitude to do something useful with that they have. Example, people on scholarships who graduate only to take up a meagre position with no hopes for greater authority because they’re easily contented and don’t expect to use their genius at a greater level for the benefit of society. It’s like a burden they’re too selfish to take. Worse, I hate it when women go through extensive education only to get married and be a stay-at-home mom and wife straight after graduation. What a waste of money and time.

I believe academia, self enrichment and education in general should be processes not only to broaden one’s mind and equip one’s natural borne potential with ammunition for betterment, but also be utilized for answering higher callings and making contributions to one’s society.


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