Sick sick sick.

Woke up today to a splitting headache and multiple dashes to the toilet to puke bile this morning.. That was the second time since I started work that it happened… Late shifts cause my system to take a beating somehow. I’m guessing it’s due to the early dinner yesterday and not eating till I woke up at around 11am. That’s about 17hours of no food. I thus conclude my stomach to be truly inflexible and weak.

It’s like God wants me to take a beating too. After the visit to the doc’s, it started POURING. It wasn’t raining sheets, it was like 95% water in open air.  I had to clutch onto my small brolly (which thankfully was in my handbag) and brave my way back to my place… Thank goodness I got some bread and apples before I came home.. cuz after I managed to get some sleep (doc gave me strong painkillers and muscle relaxants) I was famished. Point to note, I got a little high after taking the muscle relaxants. Shall try not to take too much of that stuff. Seems rather potent.

Anyway one thing good came out of this week… I found people to attend Spanish class with finally! Just gotta try and get a fixed evening free so we can all attend the class together. Mui bien!!

It’s also my off day tomorrow. So technically I’ll only work 4 days this week. Don’t miss me, anyone from work who reads this. 😉


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