A list that you might be interested in….

Ok, I know this is totally narcissistic and unnecessary. But here’s a list of my favourites, as well as stuff that I’m lusting after. Metaphorically. And I said stuff. Nuff said. Hehehe.

Favourite Family Guy character – Stewie… there couldn’t be any other, really.

Favourite Simpsons character – Mr Burns!! Excellent….

Favourite Perfumes – Stella McCartney’s signature perfume, Bvlgari Au the Rouge, Burberry London & Brit, L’occitane Cherry Blossom, Calvin Klein Truth, Loewe’s I Loewe You, still searching for more great scents…
Favourite things to do when I’m alone – Read a good book, watch a good movie, have a relaxing massage (with a really reserved therapist, I hate those who try to chat with me when I’m lying face down, almost naked), discover a new restaurant, stone out to good music at home or play random pieces on my piano!

Things that vex me – People with no common sense & low EQ, Singapore in general (I neeeed to get out of here ASAP), parents who embarrass their kids in public, waiting, etc. This is is very tiring to think. Lol.

Things that I can’t resist – Perfumes, earrings (esp chandelier earrings!!), gooood food (not necessarily expensive fare), hot men wearing irresistible cologne in dark suits (ok maybe this one shouldn’t be listed as a ‘thing’), a good book, spa holidays, Stella McCartney / Marc Jacobs collections, Esprit shades (I’m low maintenance), Carl’s Jr strawberry milkshakes…. and a hazelnut latte from Starbucks.

What I’ll spend on if I had the money….
– fly around the world in business class (not first class because I’ll save the balance for hotels)
– an Omega watch
– shopping sprees in Victoria Secrets on a weekly basis
– visit my friends in NZ Wellington, Washington DC, Seoul, Scotland, Vancouver Island and Sweden all the time (you know who you are, my lovelies)
– donate generously and regularly to UNIFEM
– take my family on holidays (and of course my parents and grandma are flying first class)
– to do my Master of Arts in Gastronomy
– be a fervent supporter of Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and maybe Chanel
– donate ridiculous amounts to political parties I like in Malaysia
– host exclusive by-invitation-only parties complete with air tickets & hotel room keys slotted in the invites
I’m still working on this list… hahaha.

Gee, I”m tired out by this entry!! I’ll update more when inspiration hits me. Haha.

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