Crazy days, helluva week.

It’s been hell of a week at my hotel.. business is definitely picking up. Each day when I step in for work, it’s almost like walking into a war zone… The usual pleasantries exchanged on normal days become non-existent. Instead, my colleague greeted me with, “I got 2 orders here, do it for me won’t you? Oh, and after you’re done with them, help me replenish the ice water dispenser and tidy up the back area a bit.” Then she dashes off to serve some drinks to another table. Another colleague informs me of a list of things that haven’t been done, mainly the missen place for the afternoon tea and what not. And it’s like 30mins to the starting time for the afternoon tea. And then she dove into the bar to prepare some drink orders. Apparently in the morning when it’s usually a quiet period for the bar, we’ve had about 20 pax for breakfast, with 2 people working. I peered outside from the pantry and the place was packed and noisy guests.

I don’t mind busy, it helps time pass and there’s usually a healthy buzz in the atmosphere. But THIS was completely draining my physical energy. By break time, I was more grateful to be excused from the madness than looking forward to the food.

Today was no better. Sunday brunch day. I was stuck in the pantry again… Ok I don’t feel like talking abt work anymore. Here’s something to cheer me (and hopefully you) up. 🙂

I love Michelle Branch too. 😉


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