Rodents and such

Did I mention that I recently got 2 pet hamsters?

Yes, life’s gotten so empty that I need rodent company. I’m experienced with hamsters. I used to keep a small nest of them. Until they reproduced at an alarming rate, and confused me of the lineage with rampant incest. They eventually ended up at pet shops or just died of old age. Or for one of them, he chocked to death. Sigh. But that was years ago.

So anyway. These 2 hamsters are both male, and they’re called Peanut and Butter. Peanut has perky ears, Butter has floppy ears (accordingly to Shane). They’re not the mini-type hamster; I like the original big fat ones that I can cuddle. And their colour is like, dark grey with white bellies. I wuv them. Wuv them!!

OK. Enough about my hamsters.

It’s been a while since I updated. And I suspect it’s because of all the things that have happened for the past month or so. Mundanity aside, I was also a little bit jaded of being here, being broke, being alone, and being bored, mostly. Therefore I’ve looked at next year’s holidays, 4 days in a row for Chinese New Year! I’ll be planning to go for a resort holiday with hopefully my family. Hopefully.

I’m torn between planning to study and going for a working holiday. Which is more fufilling? I haven’t actually took a soul-searching trip before. For someone who claims to love travelling, I haven’t really travelled much. I don’t mean holidays, I mean going places and experiencing different ways of life here, on Earth, and learning to be independent, better at planning and execution, and being responsible.

On the other hand, I also want to experience real student campus life. Blame it on myself, I decided to go and do distance learning for my degree, which had me doing my own research at the public national library for too long. Since I’ve earned my degree, I’m free to enrol in graduate studies, after I gained enough professional experience. So there. The only setback is no consistent income. I mean, sure I can work part time to support myself, but it won’t be enough to finance a more comfortable lifestyle that I’m sure I’d have gotten used to after months of working full time.

While I contemplate on how I should realise either or both of my plans (gotta do both before I turn 30), I spent a good fraction of my pay on a $174 dinner at Michelangelo’s with Miwa yesterday. It was money well-spent. Veal was good. So was the wine and antipasto.

I don’t think my sisters will agree. You see, I’m more on pampering myself – eating well, travelling, going for “wellness” treatments, signing up for gym membership, while they both would rather get another Gucci bag or Chanel pressed powder. I’m low maintenance when it comes to stuff. I’m a Body Shop member and I don’t really buy luxury brands. But I guess the little things add up. Explains why I haven’t been able to save much of my earnings, especially when rent already takes away a big chunk of it.

I hate to admit it, but I wish my job paid better. It’s just the inevitable need of financial freedom if one yearns to live life to the fullest. People tell me I’m still young and impatient and quick to get bored of things, that’s why I have all these plans to do so many things to keep myself feeling interested in life, but time is slipping away too quickly, you know? For a woman, there are only so many years to handle life’s falls and learn from them before I get all papery-skinned and told to get hitched and settle down, even if I don’t want to. As much as women are empowered in today’s social context, age is still our biggest enemy.

So what’s a girl to do when she’s always broke at the end of the month and wondering if by some stroke of luck, she comes across a small windfall, but can only stare at her pet hamsters and ponder somemore?

I know, I know. Patience.

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