The Fantastic Retail Therapy

I am officially broke.

It all started with me going into Best Denki to get my Sony earphones for my lappie (yep Youtube vids of Craig Ferguson rocks). Shopping by myself has its perils like this. Plus think of all that holding back in previous months from splurging on gadgets, which resulted in my many months of music deprivation. My Hotel Costes Collector’s Box Set has been sitting on top of my piano for so long…. And now all 10 cds are stored in my Creative Zen mp4 player, together with my Manic Street Preachers loot and Deja Vu from High Society series… Oh, and I love that it has FM radio too. Screw iPods!! Muahahhaa..

Actually, the music player was an afterthought. I bought, before that, the Samsung L210 Digital camera. 10 megapixels with all the various fancy functions (most importantly the close-ups look great, I love taking food close-ups) for only SGD297, and it comes with a 4GB Toshiba SD card, and a 2GB Sandisk SD card._

The holding back for a digicam had been, until yesterday, the bane of my life. I didn’t really warm up to the idea of borrowing cameras from other people… Can’t really fiddle with it like when it’s my own, you know? And if I drop it, heck, it’s mine. If it’s got scratches, I’ll love it more, like a flawed baby I will cradle it and love it despite its deformity. It’s mine!

I’ve been fiddling with my camera since I bought it yesterday, and I realise the greatness of technology can bring people to a level of elation paramount to ecstasy. So much so, that for 10 mins after exiting from Best Denki’s doors I started becoming delusional, telling myself how much I love Singapore (mainly for its service people when they think you’re a tourist) and I’m going to apply for Permanent Residence!! People who know me personally will know I’ve always resisted getting PR here for egoistic & principle-related reasons. Won’t go into that.

So yea. Music is coming back into my life, and, call me crazy, but I am so glad I’m a happy broke. 🙂


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