It’s Pay Day! … I love Project Runway! … Helloooo Weekend.

I overspent for the first part of November, that’s no secret. So think of the repercussions that followed for the rest of the month. Utterly depressing poverty!!!Today is therefore a day to celebrate. And celebration means a big fat strawberry milkshake from Carl’s Junior!!! My belly is now happy and squishy.:D

So. Something big happened at work today. Kinda dramatic actually. I can’t really talk about it, though. Let’s just say it felt a little bit Hollywood. Oh, talking about Hollywood, I think of America. Thinking of America, I think of New York. In New York, there’s fashion. Where there’s fashion, we have Project Runway!!!

I’m so glad my favourite 3 designers were in the finals! Christian Siriano the talented 21 year old, who won the season, Jillian Lewis who works for Ralph Lauren as illustrator, and sexy Rami Kashou who makes really sexy pieces, and is very passionate and stubborn about his signature style. Ooook, I used sexy twice. I might have a crush on him.

Anyway, they all had wonderful collections at the finale runway show in NYC.

Christian……HIs collection was mega FIERCE! Click on the image to see the blog that has links to other collections from the finale. Anyway. Watching the show heightens my interest and respect for designers and the fashion industry in general. Well done Heidi Klum, for a show of entertainment value and substance!


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