25 things about me

  1. I adore Craig Ferguson so much he’s the only reason I wanta visit LA.
  2. I am a fan of Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, D&G, Dior, Loewe, Burberry and Nanette Lepore.
  3. I am the biggest fan of my lil sister’s upcoming collection for her graduation runway show later in the year cuz I’ve gotten a sneak preview… 🙂
  4. I can’t tan quickly. Therefore I need to tan often. But I don’t.
  5. I love peaceful places like remoted islands and quiet spa resorts.
  6. I also love cities with lots of energy and culture.
  7. I’d love to pick up yoga again. Hot yoga makes me hot (in every sense of the word)!!
  8. The first thing I notice about people is how comfortable they are being the way they are. Pretence is uncool. Eg. if you don’t know something just say you don’t, it’s ok to be honest about ignorance. But then you gotta get over it and get to a level of lesser ignorance lah.
  9. The second thing I notice about people is whether they have any body odour. I’ve got a sensitive nose.  Personal hygiene ranks very high on whether I want to hang out with a person.
  10. Not surprisingly I am a member of The Body Shop cuz they’ve got yummy scrubs and shower gels that smell soooo gooood.
  11. I love perfumes.. and hate cheap smelling ones that remind me of air fresheners.
  12. I am considering getting work done on my eyes, they’re so small!
  13. I love autumn and winter fashion!
  14. I’ve got insatiable wanderlust just like many people in my industry.
  15. I shop on impulse too much.
  16. I don’t date Singaporeans for fear of ending up living in Singapore for the rest of my life, and also for many other reasons that Malaysians understand. Hahaha.
  17. I’m drawn to confident, actually megalomanic, people. Which can be a problem.
  18. I’ve lived the good life once before and I don’t think I can enjoy it unless I earn it.
  19. If I was materialistic enough,  I’d be happily married and living somewhere away from Singapore now.
  20. But I couldn’t because I wasn’t.
  21. If I was born in a different era, I might be a hippy.
  22. If I was a hippy, I’ll get a tattoo of a black kitty on my shoulder blade.
  23. And name myself Alassë Telrúnya (which is actually the elven translation of my Chinese name).
  24. But I’m born in 1985. Which is a good year.
  25. Maybe I might join UNICEF or UNIFEM one day.

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