We all want to be stars

The world has a population of 6,750,993,152 and counting. So. People say we’re all unique. And American reality TV tells us if we try hard enough, we can all be rich and famous. Thus American Idol, Who wants to be a Millionaire, Amazing Race etc were born.

And Facebook was born, right after other networking websites like Friendster, Multiply, MySpace etc, and people bought into them all because we all want to be noticed, we all want to feel special, we all like to be popular, and we all like to put part of our lives on public space. We all want people to know how different we are from the typical masses of whichever kind that we think we’re mightier than, and we’re interested in what other people disclose about themselves. In a nutshell, we’re all struggling celebrities.

And we love it when we get closer to private spaces of public figures through the internet, gossip magazines, tabloid newspapers, because one day when we finally get famous, we want to know how to live like a famous person.

Sometimes I want to slap myself for being so narcissistic, and melt into oblivion, because the only way to know that people think you matter is to look at who turns up at your funeral. Not your wedding, because few people would crash weddings uninvited, and the more ppl you invite the bigger the budget, eh. Unless you’re part of the super-rich minority of course.


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