Tasting menu at Wild Rocket

Yesterday, on the recommendation from a fellow colleague, I took a chance at Wild Rocket at Mount Emily

It’s a little hard to find, if you don’t drive walking takes a bit of navigation. Dinner was fully booked for the night and the hostess was fast to point out that we should order fast as big groups were coming after us and our orders might be delayed if they ordered first. Ok, fair enough.
The restaurant was small and cosy, and was already pretty packed when we arrived at around 7:20pm. The décor was nothing too dramatic, which reflects on the cuisine served here – comforting. Conveniently, there were options of set menus including a 6-course tasting menu, which my friend LC and I chose.

We also ordered a half bottle of Italian Gaja wine to go with the food. LC found it a bit too tannic for her liking, but after too much sweetened liquors and dessert wines, I decided it’s time for her to try something more adventurous.

The amuse bouche and appetizers consisted of local food inspired dishes like a mushroom kuih pie tee (light crispy fried batter containing delightfully flavourful diced and sautéed shitake mushroom), duck ravioli consommé  (a little too fishy / pungent for my liking, unfortunately) and a delightfully shellfish concentrate spaghetti that was flavoured with bonito flakes, paprika and other spices; a dish that lawyer turned chef William Low personally informed us would kill anyone allergic to seafood, but this was my favourite so far as I am a prawn lover, and this came with some chewy prawns as well.

After a palate cleanser of lemon & lime granite, the main features of the night came long with excellent pacing.

Main courses – seared seabass (can’t remember wat’s the sauce but it went very well with the fish) and grilled ribeye steaks (lightly seasoned with salt and pepper), both in tasting portions and devastatingly yummy. LC and I both agreed that we would go back to order them in full portions any day.

To end the meal, Chef William presented a chendol-inspired pandan panna cotta with gula melaka, which took our breaths away. Silky smooth, sweet and fragrant. We thought the portion was just right as well.

All in all, I liked all the dishes except the consommé, and it was well worth the bill in the end. Service was pretty attentive as well.
If anyone wants to try fine cuisine but not burn a hole in your pocket, this is it. 🙂


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