Shopaholic movie is twisted!

I caught Confessions of the Shopaholic movie over the weekend stay in KL, and on behalf of all fans of Sophie Kinsella’s best selling book series, I hafta say I’m feeling a little bit outraged at the way they jam-packed, twisted and vomitted the plot onto the big screen and sucking the essence of the book by way of changing major parts of the original plot.

First of all, it was supposed to happen in London, not bloody NYC. And Luke Brandon was never Becky’s colleague. They MET at the bloody auction, right??? And… Alette magazine never existed in the book.

And don’t be mistaken, I like Isla Fisher, but I need to ask the stylists at the set: why does she throw on such thrashy clothes, especially if she wanted a job in fashion?! If you compare the clothes in The Devil Wears Prada (which left me feeling positively jealous of their wardrobe) versus Shopaholic, the latter looks like the tacky overnight millionaire who doesn’t have taste in looking polished and put together but just wants to display her wealth on the labels she wears.

I was hoping the plot to stay original, because it’s the rationalization and thought process that goes through Becky’s mind that’s the funny part, not the Gucci boots grabbing episode dumb blonde, clumsy, trying-too-hard-comedy. And by trying to squeeze too many things into 1 movie plot makes the pace a tad too quick for comfort, leaving me feeling like they have a checklist of plot stops so they just wanta do a touch-and-go.

It will be MUCH wiser to just stay loyal to the storyline to avoid facing disappointed fans sighing the commonly heard “the book was so much better” whine especially since this print-to-screen effort follows a hugely popular, NY Times best selling book series, like other adaptations. (Think Narnia, LOTR, Fight Club, Harry Potter, etc)

Sucking up to the book fans means higher possibility of getting good response overall since popular publications have a fan club following. If they like it, they’ll rave about it and get non-fans interested. And maybe there will be movie sequels. I mean, if the first one is a winner, why stop when you already have material available?

I just think it’s only fair that Sophie Kinsella deserves the same level of recognition for her work as J.K. Rowling, who basically struck it big with her 1st book series, while Sophie was already writing various titles under her pseudo name Madeleine Wickham before Shopaholic.

So yup, another disappointment at the big screen.

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