Ahhh… The wonders of a good weekend spent on a movie marathon (albeit just movies of average entertainment value – X-men Wolverine, Young Victoria, 13 Monkeys, Cadillac Records) and a bit of quality time with the family in a quality bitching / gossip sharing session together (members of my nuclear and extended family especially myself are known for bantering with much gusto, so passionate that we get into a heated discussion because we either agree too much on something or because we disagree so much we end up in a very loud debate and my grandmother will frown at the dining table and start to tsk at us). . plus a relatively pleasant Monday that encompassed of finally finishing Mr Sharp’s book and getting off work on time and scoring a really nice jinjo sake from Isetan’s sake promotion.. Ahhh.. I feel rested and happy. 🙂

Plus, the coming Saturday I’m going to Flea.Fly.Flo.Fun Massive beside the Singapore Flyer, will be sharing a stall with me bud Ivy and Poh will be back from Washington D.C. in time to man the stall with me as well… But the main highlight of the coming week is my lil sister’s graduation runway show at Fairmont Singapore!! Will be posting her collection’s video and pictures! I love a great party and a fashion runway show is just that, and more.. The runway show last year was very exciting and very awe-inspiring, by the end of it I was wishing I chose the fashion industry as my career instead.. Haha.. I’m worried it’ll have a stronger impact on me this year because the show will be of higher calibre.. Love energetic industries. 😀

Aaanyway. I also discovered Twitter for the first time in my life today. Not too sure wat’s the hype about (it’s on TIME magazine’s cover! will borrow one of my bosses’ copies to peruse) altho I’ve signed up for it. Just seems like instant advertising or a good way for people who thrive of being in-the-know to get updates by the minute. Anyways. Will find out.

Looking forward also to the next Boxercise lesson on friday. That’s about the only exercise I get.. -_-“‘ I need to get my ass moving!

May be a blessing in disguise but Pa called this afternoon to ask me to postpone the reservation for abalone brunch at Jiang Nan Chun this Sunday.. Bleah.. Was kinda looking forward to it really. But then it’s gd for me, then I won’t feel bloated on Monday for the runway show. Hehehe.

… Right now, I’m craving for a foot rub. >.<

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