A rare afternoon by myself

Today is one of the rare occasions that happen because of the following things that come together: that I am broke therefore the mind is willing but the wallet is weak for the Depp temptation (Public Enemy opened a few days ago), it’s bloody hot outside, my piano is still sitting in my living room beside the TV, there’s no one who wants to watch the TV and therefore I can sit at the piano playing for hours until my fingers are sore from the many emotional pieces I tend to attempt in my solitude, the TV is working therefore I can watch random variety TV programmes like Dynamic Korea, and last but not least my sister’s Macbook is working and the password to start it hasn’t changed since I last used it.
Yes, today is indeed a rare occasion. I managed to watch 21 Grams on DVD in the late morning as I ate my toast and drank instant coffee. It’s a mighty depressing movie. Like Crash and Babel and Requiem for a Dream, you can’t exactly recover from the way the movie affects you long after the DVD player is switched off. (Therefore the emotional pieces on piano I think.) (I miss my Flights on the Conchord DVD series suddenly. Throw me some comedy someone!)
Also on a rare quiet afternoon like this, sometimes Life likes to play a little prank on you by sending a totally random but intriguing message from a stranger who lingers in your distant memory. It sometimes delights me to know that people remember me in a certain way, but their agenda in informing me so throws me off balance as well.
It’s time to switch on the air con because the afternoon heat is getting to me. I think Global Warming is very real. Poh, stop thinking it’s a politically-driven conspiracy. Can’t you feel that the ground is heating up, that the sand now scorches your bare feet instead of hugging them with comforting warmth when you walk on the beach?
I lost my train of thought while reading back what I just typed to check for spelling errors. Damn.
The coming week is going to be exciting. I am getting typed in the Myers Briggs session. I love being analysed by people. So they will end up telling me how great I really am. Hahaha. The ego needs to be put down. If I’m a man, I’ll be such a cocky bastard. LMFAO.


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