Hello my lovely little darlings

My darlings – my readers and my keyboard keys.

Very long since I’ve updated anything here at all. 4 year old Panasonic Toughbook aint that tough, it’s getting fried and I can’t stay online for more than 5mins before the Blue Screen appears and freezes the whole system. Thank goodness my very kind baby sis left her macbook behind for me to fiddle around Facebook and catch up on things like this.

Anyways. I finally feel a bit more grounded cuz I managed to sell my piano (Pang the piano-tuner is still at it since an hour ago. I think it’s time to offer him a drink) and I found a place to move into. Will be renting a small room fitted with a queen sized bed and a huge built-in wardrobe this Sunday.

And I’ve actually applied for permanent residence in Singapore. Shocker. I have to wait for the results for up to 3 months; no news means bad news, good news will come in an envelope at my pigeon hole at work. Wish me luck. I think I need to explain a little bit on why I have made a 180 deg change of mind on this decision. I finally got over the emotional things that hinder me from reason. The things that made me feel like flying out of this country overwhelmed my rationality in realising to fly out I need a pair of wings. And this country makes Swiss-like quality wings. Sorry if I confuse you with my metaphors that only myself and I think a few others will understand. Having an affiliation with SG is good marketing. As much as my old self would hate to admit it. The thing is, I’ve decided to stop being bitter and just go with the flow and live in a happy bubble. People like happy chippers better I think. Although I know with some I can sink back to my morose self and resume my verbal onslaught at The Ugly Singaporeans (although I think there is an increasing number of less ugly ones sprouting here and there). Also, I can always look forward to vacations. 🙂

So anyways. Enough about that. I have a shining report on the new 24-hour Coffee Club outside Borders at Wheelock place opposite ION Orchard. I was doing lunch with little Alicia and it started to pour. And that irritating Cadbury eyebrow commercial kept repeating opposite at Shaw Centre’s great outdoor screen. BUT. Service was good and the food was good. And the coffee was good quality. Pity the mushroom soup didn’t match up cuz it was lukewarm and sour. But the cute waitress with the cute yellow-and-orange specs made up for it. And I like the decor and the patio concept. Great place to grab a midnight grub after a late-night movie eh. And I think they serve beer. I think. Woohoo.

So anyway. Looking forward to Home Club flea this Saturday. Check out the stall with lots of shoes.


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