How do you stop a person from walking deeper into a burning furnace when the person’s eyes are covered with wool and her heart blinded by hope that will end up in nothingness?

You do nothing.

The only way to end the agonizing ritual of worry is to let the subject of your worry perish in its own doing and hopefully see it rise from the ashes if its heart is as strong as a phoenix’s.

I’m sure some of you have tried to talk a person out of a vicious cycle of pity, reconciliation, frustration and anger. It never works because human beings believe what we want to see even if all the facts prove otherwise. There have been many examples in human history of such a behaviour; hence the expression, “like a moth to a flame” is often used to demonstrate the futility in warning the moth because it’s programmed to destroy itself in the deceivingly bright flicker of hope.

I have made the mistake of getting emotionally wrought by virtue of caring for something that will never set itself straight. It’s not actually my problem to begin with but I am one of those people who can’t just sit back and not point out the obvious solution to a problem that haunts a person for a long time.

Especially when the person is not a nobody to me.

Call me nosey. Call me brutal. But I refuse to see what’s so difficult about choosing a better life, no matter how difficult the decision to let something go seems at the time of decision, especially when all the facts and clues point to that one logical solution of walking away.

Just walk away, Renée. Goes the song.

Courage, girl. Just walk away. I’ll be there at the other side if you need me.


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