Sunday rant.

Oh, the need to rant overwhelms me so much. I can’t help it but to update my thoughts here.

It’s been really really long since I’ve had the luxury of time to record my thoughts. I mean, lately due to a huge project at work (Mooncake Festival Monster of a Project!!) I suspect I’m going a little crazy.

It’s my virgin attempt at something that involves so much coordination and planning and.. tada! Not much of  guidance except to have many knocks to expect. I don’t know why but everyone seems to have this idea that I will definitely be able to handle it. So I better perform. I hope this will allow me to be more prepared and efficient to anticipate things that may go wrong/need to be done the next time I do it. The amount of detail that needs to be looked into is crazy!!!!!

And then Murphy’s Law ALWAYS never fails to disappoint; I’ve lost my phone along with over 400 contacts that I can’t download to my new HTC Wildfire because it does not support Singtel’s (admittedly wonderful) software called Phonesafe that allows you to back up your contacts online.. I dunno what got into me to get a touch screen phone. It takes a while to get used to! I’m still not used to it. Example, how do you forward a sms on an android phone?? Technology has this way to make you feel stupid.

Now even though I have an exported list of contact on my laptop, I can’t synch them into my phone… But I did realise that FB contacts can be loaded directly into my contact list so whoever is on my friend’s list on FB that has contact numbers listed on their profile page will be directly recorded in my phone. Wonderful! But of course work contacts are not usually on my FB friends’ list.

The dread of manually recording my contacts looms darkly ahead. Can I hire an assistant to do that for me??? Cheese…. and whiskers…..!


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